Alistair Overeem promises to send a dismantled Brock Lesnar back to WWE

“My mom is doing ok. She’s had cancer twice in the past, a very aggressive kind and it was a long ordeal for her and my family. … Recently, she had a check-up and the doctors found a couple of cells in her body that they were concerned about. That’s why I flew home. We’re a small family – it is me, my mother, my brother and my grandmother and that’s it. We all have to be there for each other and it was the right decision for me to abandon the idea of preparing in Las Vegas for my UFC 141 main event with Brock Lesnar.

But to my fans who are worried that I will not be 100 percent ready to rip Brock Lesnar apart on December 30 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, let me promise you: coming back to Holland for this camp will not be a factor at all. … I say to MMA fans, again, don’t worry, I will be sending this guy back to WWE for you.” – For more from Alistair Overeem, visit Yahoo! Sports

Professional wrestling fans rejoice! It appears Brock Lesnar could be headed back to World Wrestling Entertainment after all.

That is if Alistair Overeem has his way, of course, who promises to not only “rip Lesnar apart” on December 30th, but to send the remaining pieces back to the WWE. Such bold statements come following rampant rumors that the Dutchman would be forced out of his UFC debut against Lesnar due to – well, a number of different theories. While some speculated that Overeem had suffered an injury during training, others pointed to a more “juicy” possibility, suggesting that he had fled the States in order to evade a pre-fight drug test.

In response, Overeem took to his Yahoo! Sports blog to clarify his trip back to Holland, and assures fans that, despite the rumblings, he will be in attendance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena to face Lesnar at UFC 141. But, what do you think LowKick’ers? Could the conspiracy theorists be on to something? Will any of this have an affect on Overeem’s performance? And what about Lesnar, are his days as an “Ultimate Fighter” numbered?


  • whitey

    Guess Ariel was wrong – thank god

  • lights_out11

    overeem is a beast!!! if he has takedown defense then he has no problem destroying lesnar and sending him back to wwe!!!!

  • Tens

    Not taking drug testing …. umm .. he will have to take it eventually…

  • Mike Perryman

    This promises to be an awsome event! I can’t wait to see these two monsters across the cage from one another!!

  • MMAMarco

    The Reem is a man of his word. If he didn’t feel like he would be able to perform at the top of his game, he would have postponed the fight. Like he’s said in the past, he has been fighting a long time and will not make the kind of preparation mistakes that he made earlier in his career.

    As one of his long time fans, I wish Alistair all the best in the coming holidays and hope for a complete recovery for his Mom.

  • Ninja

    Ya I was really looking forward to Reem vs Lesnar, glad those injury rumors were wrong, already so many great fights have been screwed up by injuries hope these two stay injury free for the next 2 weeks or so

  • Ninja

    He took it when he fought at SF n he was clean both times

  • bananaboy

    looking forward to see the rock vs brock at westlemania

  • jdnextchamp

    Hope the reem can beat Brock by showing him his weakness is that he counts too much on his strength and his wrestling while he should be working on his punches and especially kicks.
    I’d like to see Reem vs Brock in a WWE event. That would be funny.

  • bluntsandbeers

    If we are lucky Lesnar will bust out that sick break dancing move he did in the velasquez fight.

  • matt1926

    I’m gonna get weaked for this but I don’t care. How can you all be so naive. More than half of these MMA fighters are on the juice or some form of performance enhancer. INCLUDING Overeem. I like the Reem and I could care less if he or any other pro athlete is juicing but the fact of the matter is that most of them are, and if you cant simply tell then you just don’t want to admit it. C’MON PEOPLE!!!!!!

  • ClosetCasey

    He timed it perfectly.

  • David Saucier

    I have been saying that forever, sometimes it depends if they are a fan fav, how often do you hear people bringing up Hendo on TRT, and Leben with his positive steroid test, Royce Gracie just to name a few off a large list.

  • ClosetCasey

    That wouldn’t be fair. Brock would own him with a folding chair for sure.

  • Cookie77

    Seems like Overeem is a WWE fan, I was hoping that he would say. Brock Lesnar you 500 pound of monkey crap stuff in a 260 pound bag, I will take you down to Know your role Blvd and check you in the smack down hotel, you thinking I’m juicing? well you can take that juice shin it up nice and shiny then turn them sum bitch side ways and stick up your rooodee poo candy ass. If you SMELLLLLLLsLLaLLLaLLLLaLLLaLaLLLaLaLLa WHAT THE REEM IS cooking?.

  • Cookie77

    Yes it’s a little retarded….

  • x murderer

    seriously…whats the deal will all this hype about overeem??? who has he faught to be considered a threat to the ufc heavyweight-class?
    everyone he faced in mma with a real big name beat him: shogun, chuck liddell, big nog…he beat who in his last 5 matches??? james f u c k i n thompson??? brett rogers??? werdum? (who he lost to before) I predict that “alistair overated” will not make it far in the ufc.

  • Krogan

    Well the same could be said for Brock

  • Warheadchief

    It’s not about who he beat, but who he can beat and will beat. He was a heavyweight cutting to 205 in those old matches against the guys you mentioned. He was young, didn’t train with the mentality he trains with now.
    Guarantee you, Shogun, Chuck and Nog couldn’t go to K1 and become a Champion, no way no how. Overeem did. Now he’s coming to claim the UFC belt.

    All you haters will recognize soon enough

  • azzkika

    I think Reem will do good in UFC but people forget his jaw. No amount of juice or gym work will change that the fact it is made of glass.

  • OscarJoseGuerrero

    Cannot WAIT for this fight. Going to be an amazing weekend of drunkeness.


    This bout better happen!

  • Mr.0162

    Alistair hasn’t fought a wrestler since Chuck Liddell. He mostly fought strikers and jiu-jitsu guys. He fought Todd Duffee, but I don’t know what he was doing during that fight.
    Lesnar only fought wrestlers expect for Mir and Herring. You know how that went. I see Lesnar taking Overeem down in the first 30 seconds and control and tire out Overeem. 2nd Round Overeem will be exhausted and lose by TKO(ground and pound).

    If Overeem can land one big strike I see him KOing Lesnar, but I don’t see it happening.

    I’m more interrested in Diaz vs Cerrone. The staredown alone will give me goosebumps. Diaz only lost to wrestlers and Hermes Franca when he was 20 years old. Cerrone only lost to 2 guys ever. And IMO he would have beating Varner if Varner didn’t acted like he couldn’t continue.

  • garybkc

    I hope it’s just a matter of taking care of any nevada licence biz.

    I’ll be at 141 and a change of the main event would SUCK!
    I envy any fan who has a chance to go to a UFC event. For me it wasnt easy, making the time, child care , hotel & air, and my god the cost of my nose bleed tickets alone made it pretty tough. I’m looking forward to watching “cowboy” fight But it’ll be a huge disapointment if somehow brock & the reem gets scraped

  • garybkc

    Why do people allway think someone can use the same methods and expect a different result.. Brock knows theres a knee waiting for those shot atempts.
    Rogan will be in the ring before the 1st 5 minutes are over.. The Reem doesnt get to ” take him apart” though since brock goes fetal after the 1st few strike’s.. might be pitiful…
    what brock did to mir and couture isnt likely to happen, I expect it more like his last couple fight’s. Im not a brock hater but 1 fight (ass wipn!) in 2 years after 2 major surgeries spells. On paper how can you give Brock a chance a all ?!…

  • x murderer

    true, but being relatively new to the sport brock has won 5 of only 7 fights and 3 of these wins were against serious opponents. we’ll see what happens. I don’t believe in overeems success here but hey…anything can happen in this sport…especially in the heavyweight division.

  • x murderer

    this is a photo of him fighting nog during an open weight tournament in 2006:

    It doesn’t give me the impression that he had to cut lots of weight to fight at lhw. he wasn’t anywhere near the size he is today. there are also videos of him explaining how he ate horses and stuff to become that big.

  • nochoice

    Didn’t you notice he got bigger after those loses !

    Sure he’s in the top promotion now, but who do you see beating him, if any, not to many ! imo !

  • Entity

    If Reem fails his piss test, he can go to WWE with Brock.

  • x murderer

    yes, he’s bigger. but that doesn’t make him a better fighter. and it doesn’t help against his relatively weak chin.
    who do I see beating him? ok…let me think for a moment…
    JDS & Cain for sure. Mir? Nog? (who already beat him)…brock? (who btw. already WAS the ufc heavyweight champion…a lot of people seem to forget that), maybe even carwin. I don’t even nessesarily see overeem beating guys like kongo or mitrione. I’m curious how he does vs. brock.