Forrest griffin breaks down potential match-ups, and presents his new book


Source: CagePotato

  • UrHype

    He excluded the chapter when he was a kid called

    “How to run from spiders and NOT get bit”

  • HugeCleavage

    Griffin owns i must buy his new book

  • DeadlyIntentions93

    Griffin vs Brilz would be an interesting match up.

  • Ninja

    Ya i guess, seeing that Rampage, Evans, Shogun, Machida, Lil Nog, Bader, Jones, Thiago Silva and Ortiz are all busy fighting somone else he doesn’t really have too many fighters to pick from, I’m guessing he will fight Franklin by the end of this yr and that would be an exciting fight

  • Vergina

    his voice sounds like he’s taken a lot of hits to the head, like chuck liddells voice now.

  • IChokePeople


  • griffin

    the first book was one of the funniest things i have ever read. Cant wait to see him back in action.

  • UrHype


  • HugeCleavage


  • CanadaMMA

    How come the audio never works on half the vids?

  • sleepy

    funny coment hype…lol

  • UrHype

    it works on this one…..

  • MMAoracle

    that conversation made no sense…