MMA Live: UFC Fight Night 24 Recap, TUF 13, Bellator 39 Preview and much more

  • MRfidgets

    ummm whos nexts for davis forrest? rich? bader? what do u guys think ? maybe lyoto randy winner? maybe rampage? didn’t matt back out of his fight with him ?

  • Boner89

    Thiago Silva would be interesting if he didn’t have alien piss. I would like to see him against rampage, would be interesting to see if he could get Rampage down and hold him down.

  • mmaToronto

    I would say Forrest. That would be a very intriguing match up.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    Eddie Alvarez, I was not impress’ by your performance.

  • alexz

    garret gay davis

  • Keyboard Contender

    ive wanted to see a “sudden victory” round utilised properly in the UFC ever since TUF 1

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