MMA Live: Chael Sonnen, Jake Shields and Randy Couture

  • Macafier

    The winner of Kampman vs Shields gets the title shot… I guess Fitch will never be #1 contender.

  • griffin

    silva is an asshole. He shows off during fights, talks shit and doesnt respect his opponents or his fans. Always yelling at his opponents to attack when hes the guy who runs around the ring and putting his face out there acting like he cant be hit, thats not a professional

  • Krogan

    Got to love Sonnen if you have a sense of humor imo. His interview this time was easily the high light of the show and I was laughing pretty hard 2-3 times.

    What makes it even funnier for me is that I agree with 4 out of 5 things Sonnen says, I don’t think Silva looks like a nice guy, I do think he has bad cardio, he does run around like a clown etc

  • BigNog22

    sonnen could become a charismatic champ,but i think it’s gonna happen,suck for him

    and shields getting a title shot if he been kampmann, it’s BS IMO,who is the last top 10 WW has shields beat, I know gsp need some competition,but “i’m not impress by shields performances” 😀

  • jsnwht

    torez looks like a child… small fry.

  • griffin

    his stand up is shit. GSP will pick him apart, if he can get past kampmann

  • tyampoo

    thank god anik is the regular host of this show, this guy is unbearable to hear, just plain annoying.

  • Plutonian

    The Coach laughing made the interview really awkward please go back to pro wrestling man

  • pound4pound

    Chael sonnen is indeed very entertaining…