Valentijn Overeem submits Ray Sefo via a Neck Crank in Round 1

Valentijn Overeem made a quick work of “Sugar” Ray Sefo, with an unusual Neck Crack submission early in the first round. Overeem and Sefo tested each other in stand-up during the first minutes of the fight, with Sefo landing the bigger portion of significant strikes.

Overeem decided he had enough, and quickly took Sefo to the ground. From there, the way to submission was short, as Valentijn Overeem extended his MMA record to 29-25. The fight served as the Tournament Reserve, making Valentijn Overeem a replacement option in case one of the fighters gets injured.

  • Ishy

    Wow Old School Neck crank havent seen it in a while!

  • griffin

    if sefo can learn that cro cop sprawl he’ll be a beast

  • BigNog22

    neck crank sub, rofl

  • evilways

    thought he was setting up a submission, instead that was the submission

  • Nik_Hulstein

    Never seen that submission before 0_o

  • D

    Happy Valentijn’s day

  • MMAW

    yeah my prediction was right on. Rd 1 Sub.
    what i didnt predict was such an unorthodox submission.

  • japanegro23

    I was pissed when I saw it. Seriously that’s weak haha.

  • ksooner76

    now with a neck crank its just painful but doesn’t do any damage to your
    body just hurts and if you can take the pain u will eventually get out…
    seen Eddie Alverez get cranked for 2mins got out and was phucked up,
    took him forever to get his head back straight was amazing to endure
    the pain and comback and win…lol… cause he look messed up after for about round and a half like he hurt himself doing shoulder shrugs or checking out ow”boys feet……Eddie is a stud