Vadim Finkelstein says Fedor Emelianenko is training in full force for Fabricio Werdum

M-1 Global boss Vadim Finkelstain declared that the WAMMA Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko began his preparations for the fight against Fabricio Werdum in full force. Finkelstein revealed that “The Last Emperor” runs 20km every day, and is looking forward working on his striking with some of the best Dutch kickboxers:

“Fedor does a morning cross country of 15 kilometers of every day. On the daytime he trains in his gym, and then runs another 5 km during the evening. We are expecting some of the best Dutch kickboxers to arrive in our camp during the next few days. Fedor says that he has plenty to learn from them, especially when it comes to leg kicks.

At the end of May, Showtime will shoot their Fight Camp 360 show, but Fedor Emelianenko is not a huge fan of all that media mess. He always asks the reporters to finish the shooting in one or two days, instead of five. On June 14th we are expecting to arrive in the United States of America, two weeks of adaptation will be more than enough for him. I spoke to him yesterday on the phone and he told me that he is in an excellent shape, ready to defend his title.”

Fedor Emelianenko and Fabricio Werdum will square off on June 26th at the 19,000-capable HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. The bout was originally scheduled for Strikeforce: Nashville on April 17th, but was postponed due to the contractial dispute between Scott Coker‘s Strikeforce promotion and M-1 Global.


  • ston3pony

    Why is he fighting a guy who got smashed by maybe the #5 UFC contender? Wouldn’t you rather see him fight JDS? Cain? Shane? Lesnar? I’d rather see him fight Duffee.

    Werdum would probably land 20th if I tried to rank him according to fighters who Fedor should be fighting.

  • PrideFC

    Lesnar hasnt fought in 15+ months.. so nobody knows what his return will be like.. Carwin has only 1 or 2 real fights.. JDS/Cain need some more credible wins before there names could even be mentioned against Fedor. After Werdum fight, Fedor will continue to destroy overeem also.. his SF co-promotion contract will expire, then hopefully we will see him in the UFC and witness him rip apart the ranks of the HW division.. and after that we will forgive everything you said and let you join the bandwagon and listen to you praise Fedor, the Last Emperor.

  • Rane

    @ ston3pony

    I will Say it again! Anybody can loose in this sport! It does not matter if Werdum lost to JDS! Look at BIG NOG vs. Velazquez, MAchida vs. Rua, dude that is part of the sport. Werdum is a World Jiu-Jitsu Champion! Do you know what accomplishment that is? How difficult that is to accomplish???


    i dont believe Fedor can beat Overeem … that is why Fedor is dodgeing he know’s he can’t beat Overeem Fedor hasnt faught anyone that is top he rather fight nobodies

  • Hurricane2k

    … dont care what you people say **** fedor !

    He was great in pride and he was the #1 that time ..
    Now? **** off the guy fights 1/2 a year ! and the people he is fighting are all not TOP LEVEL GUYS ! and thats the ****ing END !

    Fabricio Werdum? come on …

  • mokoko

    How many fights lesnar foght or carwin in last two years

  • mokoko

    Werdum lost to JDS in 2008. Lesnar lost to Mir in 2008 naw he is the champ in UFC and if you go to 2007 JDS was submited aswell

  • mokoko

    Werdum is the one who got submition win over Overeem

  • Thang

    Fedor is a Very Powerful for a guy his size ! I never see any fighter over power him yet even though most of them were all much bigger than Fedor… He’s definitely the man to beat !

  • Jesper

    its true anybody can lose, and I guess thats partly why Fedor is a legend…cos he’s never lost. BUT what I really wanted to get off my chest was…..MAURO RENALLO NEEDS TO LEAVE PLANET EARTH NOW!!!!

    GOOOOOOOD, I can’t stand his face, voice, manurisms, face and voice. And apart from that I hate what and who he is. Im sure that all that have watched strikeforce events feel partly the same. I dont even think he should just leave the sport and the countrym I honestly think we should raise taxes for 1 month only to pay NASA to send that little peace of shit—– OFF THE PLANET EARTH!!!!


  • Ultraxl

    BC any heavy weight can knock out any other heavy weight. Verdum could have won all those fights with 1 punch , just bc he didnt doesnt mean hes not good. Hes a Dangerous fighter.

  • shev12

    Werdum is really good its just whether he can get fedor down because i think its obvious what each others strategy’s are. Fedor might well brutalize Werdum from guard we all know how good his GnP is. i see this one going Fedors way but i dont think Werdum is as easy of an opponent as alot of you people are making out

  • doberman

    Fedor will crush Werdum because Werdum is a very weak willed fighter. Then Fedor will likely face Kimbo and all of us realists will have to listen to the Fedor nuthuggers justify that Kimbo is a legit opponent. I highly doubt Finklestick will ALLOW Fedor to get in the cage with Overeem. Let’s not risk that precious “undefeated” record.

  • mokoko

    Kimbo got better MMA record 6-2 than Kim MIn Soo 3-7 who Lesnar foght

  • RabbitPuncher

    Why do even talk about WAMMA anymore? According to their homepage, it hasnt been updated since before Fedor vs Rogers. ( see for yourself ) They still list Aoki as the lightweight champ and no champs at all in any other weight classes. In fact, the only other fighters listed are Tim Kennedy and Josh Barnett. I’m a Fedor fan but I see no point in him touting the WAMMA championship, it seems pointless.

  • mokoko

    Overeem said Fedor is the champ he is the man to beat in his post fight intervew

  • mokoko

    Can you see any one beathing Overeem in UFC the top competition is in SF

  • falcon4917

    I had to see this fight between Brett and Overeem before I could say that SF was anywhere near as good at heavy. But now I am confident that they have 1 talent probably as good as any in the UFC and maybe better, Overeem.

  • ogobska


  • Joey Santosus


  • ston3pony

    Okay, so in your mythical imaginary fantasy world, Fedor will actually come out of retirement and fight real competition?

    If you’re comparing Werdum to anyone in the top-10 of the UFC HW division, then I can only assume that you’re high. If you actually put any thought in to your own sillyness here, you wouldn’t be ranting about UFC fighters. You’re pretending that Werdum is more legitimate competition than the people you named. You’re just pretending to believe that, but you really don’t. Nobody could.

    Stop making lame excuses for Fedor. If you want to pretend that he is the P4P best, or even the top HW, then there is no justification for his not fighting the real competition. It’s one or the other, it can’t be both. There is no way he is making more in SF than he would be raking in in the UFC with contract and sponsors and putting him in the video game. His own brother denies all the petty unsubstantiated nonsense about bad contracts and bad deals. The best competition is in the UFC, he’s in a side-show act not even fighting for the Junior-Varsity belt. He’s retired, these are just exhibition fights. And now Overroids will go back to Japan for another 10 years with the belt.

    Rogers came far closer to defeating Fedor than he did Alistair. You can’t deny it, you can only pretend that it’s irrelevant. There is a lot of fantasy and delusion and pretending surrounding Fedor.

  • ston3pony

    I didn’t say he wasn’t an incredible athlete. The fact is that he got smashed by a fringe contender, and fled to easier hunting grounds. Werdum is an impressive athlete, it doesn’t change reality though. The other fighters are better, and his best option was to leave. He could take step-down fights against people who he has a chance to beat, but he would always be locked out of the top-10. In SF he can be a star though.

  • ston3pony

    And Fedor didn’t fight anything even remotely similar to the level of competition that Lesnar stepped in to the sport against as a complete rookie with no training.

    Put Fedor in his first fights, against the people that Lesnar fought in his first fights, and Fedor would lose. He had many years of experience, and many easy fights, before he ever fought anybody. Lesnar stepped in and won the belt. The reason you can’t give credit where credit is due, is because you don’t think, you just have Pride! Fedor! Pride! Fedor! Pride! Fedor! repeating in your head…

    Here let’s see you lie through your teeth mokoko. Fedor’s first real fight was Arona who only had 3 fights under his belt. And a lot of people said Arona won it. Who were Fedor’s first three opponents? Were they? Any seasoned veteran former world-champions still in there prime in those three fights?

    Would Fedor have done as well? Against the fighters who Lesnar stepped in against with no training other than wrestling? If Fedor’s very first fights were against Francis, Heath, Randy, and now Carwin, would he have gone undefeated?

    Hell, Fedor isn’t even fighting fighters of that caliber today. And he’s never fought anybody like Lesnar or Shane or Cain or JDS.

  • postmortem

    i agree with some of what youre saying but try to use some facts lesnar fought at ufc 100 which was last summer so the maximum time that could of expired since then is 10 months you just added a half year to that figure it does alot to discredit your arguement

  • SumHo

    My, that is a lot of intolerance and judgment pent up inside of just one person.

    I actually enjoy him MORE than Frank Shamrock and the other bloke who is hosting. MAURO RENALLO has a good commentating voice and has been around for a while, calling many old Pride fights. I actually consider him an asset to the organization.

  • SumHo

    Who has he beaten? Frank Mir twice, Crazy Horse, and Randy Couture (he was actually pushing him well, despite being a much smaller guy).

    I say Lesnar is still a bit untested. I’d like to see Overeem really take it to him.

  • ston3pony

    Lesnar is really an incredible athlete. Elite wrestlers like him can cope with dramatic weight swings better than anybody. From what I understand, he has all of his weight back, and he’s in better shape than he was previously. He was fighting sick before.

    The biggest thing we’re going to see, is not the weight change effecting his performance. The most dramatic difference we will see, against Shane, and against his next 10 fights, is his ability to learn. He’s had lay-off time with which to learn… He’s still picking MMA up. I can’t imagine what he would be like if he’d been training a rounded skillset for the last 10 years.

    When he learns how to grapple, to use his wrestling to facilitate submissions, Matt Hughes style, he is going to break people. Imagine getting arm-barred by him? Or guillotine choke? Once he has the technical knowledge, he could become the most dominant submission artist.

    Look how he held down Heath down. Heath is one of the biggest guys in MMA, was helpless. Look how effortlessly he controlled the great BJJ master Mir? Pinning his arm back and just holding it there like it too no effort. If he knew how to maneuver for submissions, it would be scary.

  • ston3pony

    Overeem wouldn’t have a chance, not like Fedor. Overeem can’t kick-box from his back while he’s pinned down. Fedor can get submissions.

    You asked who has he beaten though. Look at Fedor’s first three fights. Look at any fighter in any hand-to-hand sport, boxing, mma kickboxing, whatever. Can you point out one single fighter who stepped in, winning, at the highest level from the beginning?

    I honestly don’t think it has ever happened. Fedor doesn’t even come close in that regard. Neither does GSP, neither does Anderson, neither does BJ, neither does Randy or anybody…

    Randy won the belt in his 16th fight, and he’s one of the greatest of all time. BJ was 9 fights in. Matt Hughes was 30 and 3 when he took the belt. Anderson was 17-4… Fedor was 13-1, with probably a hundred other fights that didn’t count toward his record. Machida, 15 fights. Rua? Not even close…

    Royce won the very first UFC tourneys, but you have to be a lunatic to compare that competition to today’s competition. With a life-time of training and prep and discipline he easily beat some people who had no business even fighting him. And now he’s resorted to juicing to try and compete…

    Shane will be a great test. There has never been a clash-of-the-titans like we are going to see in that fight. I doubt Coleman at his most roided out in Japan ever had anything resembling the strength and power of Shane or Lesnar. And there’s nobody who has ever been as big and strong as Lesnar who was also that agile, guys his size are supposed to be slow. But he’s not. If you look at this NFL skills-combine numbers, the guy could cover Randy moss, runs the 40 almost as fast as Justin Gatlin, and his vertical leap is only a couple inches less than Michael Jordan’s. Georges’ is a couple inches more than Jordan I believe, but the weight difference makes Lesnar more impressive.

    Love or hate Lesnar. Nobody in the sport, has ever, fought starting at that level of competition, or won the belt so quickly. Unless someone can name somebody?

  • ston3pony

    Didn’t mean to say Fedor was 13-1, his record is misleading. He was never defeated (unless you count Arona, many people do).

  • drunkslug

    I actually can’t stand the black announcer. I can’t remember his name. But he steps into the cage to talk with the fighters when the fight is done. He is so monotone, he has no emotion or heart. And he is insanely rude. I’m pretty sure that Strikeforce can find someone on a grander scale to replace this dude. he also has zero knowledge of the game. Not to mention he always makes himself look stupid because he can’t name anything when it comes to striking or ground game.

  • drunkslug

    I can see several people with the potential to beat Overeem.