Vadim Finkelstein: We are interested in fighting Lesnar or Carwin, but their are dead-locked inside the UFC cage

  • TheGreat

    why Dana just dont let co promote 1 fight , 1 time ever!
    Fedor would agree to fight the winner Lesnar/Carwin if Dana would let his fighter fight in a co-promotion deal!

    if Dana really believes Fedor isnt the best then he should let this fight happends right? since hes not worry his champion will lose

  • Rigo

    Dana is afraid of his champs losing!
    he wont do it! beside he wont share any money !
    m-1 had there right to claim some money for their fighter

    also Eddie alvarez vs Gilbert would be awesome!

  • Murdoc

    Why should they come come to You? You go to them. If you think fedor is the best then send him to the u.f.c to prove it. Fedor walking down to the octagon to fight is something I want to see badly. But hurry T.F.U!

  • sambo

    one co-promoted fight between Fedor and the the winner of Lesnar/Carwin would be awesome.
    But not till he takes the Strikeforce belt from Overeem. If Fedor can win against Overeem it would be UFC champ vs Strikeforce champ.
    Not likely to happen, but it would be a great fight.

  • UrHype

    How about you start by facing Strikeforce’s champ first Finkleprick

  • falcon4917

    It’s hard to say who is lying and who is running. There are good arguements from both ends as to why one organisation or another would hold back. If Fedor lost what would M1 do? If Brock or whoever is champ for Dana lost the UFC heavyweight division would become a second rate division. Seems Like Dana won’t let it happen unless Fedor becomes his fighter because he would lose a lot of credibility to his not so long ago deficient heavyweight division. Also I see M1 clinging to there only hope and don’t want to lose out on their entire organization. I believe both want the fight to happen but both have too much to lose if a defeat falls their way.

  • santana8745

    yes i belive he should


    strikefarce is no joke

  • grapplure

    remeber what happen last time dana co promoted mmmuuaaahaagaa

  • dropkickmurphy

    Co-Promote with M1 for Fedor to fight the loser of the Carwin Lesnar fight. That way if Fedor wins he still hasn’t fought the champ, and the title will have legitimacy, and if he loses Dana can tell the world that Fedor isn’t even top five in the UFC.
    Bottom line is Dana will never let Fedor fight the champ unless he signs his life away.

  • dropkickmurphy

    would never happen. Dana’s postion is the credibility of the belt. If strikeforce ever won that fight the UFC would never have the same reputation again.

  • UrHype

    Alistar vs Lesnar wouldnt interest you?

  • partyboy

    i call bullshit on this…if they were so interested in the fight happening then fedor would have signed when the big bux contract was offered….this i think is basically propaganda tryin to turn ppl on the ufc…

  • TorontoUFC

    From a business stand-point, it is too risky for Dana. If Fedor came in, fought and beat either Lesnar or Carwin and then left… all it would do is disprove all of Dana’s talk about having the best heavyweight (s).

  • Boner89

    Seriously Werdum isn’t even Strikeforces 2cnd best HW lol

  • Valkyr

    Money is more important than who’s the best, don’t you get it? Profit over pride sadly

  • Valkyr

    After the Chuck in Pride fight didn’t go so well I don’t think he wants to risk putting his “best” fighter aginst another companies best fighter

  • mokoko

    Wath about winner of Lesnar vs Carwin fight Overeem and the winner fight Fedor if he wins tonight

  • mokoko

    If UFC belives they have the best HW’s it shuldn’t be a problem for them to put tere so called top competition to test against others like Fedor or SF champ against Lesnar vs Carwin.SF haters were saing the top UFC fighter Hendo will dominate all devisions in SF including Fedor and all UFC fans were in shock after his first fight :)

  • pound4pound

    The truth is somewere in between Danna´s comments and Filkenstein´s…

  • Pyronaut

    It isn’t about proving who is a better fighter. It is about money. And in this case, I don’t think it is all Dana’s fault. Why should he let M1 co-promote. I don’t even understand why they need to co-promote. Let’s be honest, UFC is currently run with military precision and is easily a level above every other MMA organization atm. Why does Dana need a co-promoter. They won’t bring anything to the table, and they won’t really do anything except bring their fighter to the table.

    If they want to get a tonne of money out of it, then charge whatever for Fedor. But don’t hide it under the guise of “Co-Promotion”. Because UFC just doesn’t need/work like that.

  • Joey Santosus

    No one said that about Hendo…. You just made that up.. Yup, right then. Made it up. Once again, fabrication for the purpose of furthering ur own deranged point of view.

  • Joey Santosus

    It takes more then ONE fighter to make an “organization.” Its not hard to organize a single man. I dont even understand why they are often referred to as a promotion? What kind of “promotion” cannot put on an event without co-promoting with an actual legit company? People like to call Dana White a tyrant or the entire UFC as a Co., but if u ask me, M-1is the one preventing a true HW from emerging. Everyone bitches about the UFC not co-promoting, but like I said, M-1 is NOT A REAL PROMOTION. They just hold on to one fighter with a great record and put all kinds of stipulations around that fighter competing!! They are the ones being ridiculous! They shouldnt be getting anymore than manager money at best!! Think I am wrong, just ask Scott Coker when we can expect to see Fedor fighting again!!

  • mmauk

    you can’t see this is propaganda. i find it interesting that the question asked lead to the M1 president saying UFC fighters can’t fight outside the UFC quote “their locked in a cage” he’s taking a jab at the UFC he should be talking about Fedor joining the UFC. Brock lesnar is a millionaire and the UFC got him to sign a deal. Millionaire’s don’t sign their life away. The UFC ain’t the problem here

  • mmauk

    i disagree dDana would be smart enough to get Fedor on 3 fight deal. he could possibly fight anyone one from carwin,lesnar,mir,dos santos. I don’t see anyone 1 man having a victory over all of them. This ain’t rocket science can’t you see the co-promotion argument is ploy.M1 know the UFC would never go for that. A short term contract for big bucks is reasonable and it wouldn’t surprise me if Dana has offered him a deal similar to that.

  • ston3pony

    We know exactly what the truth is. Fedor was offered an epic contract, but the sticking point is leeway with co-promotion and M-1. Why is that a sticking point? Because traditionally, things like co-promotion give fighters all the leverage when it comes to who they will or will not face. They see a window coming up where someone they don’t want to fight is available? Suddenly there’s a big Sambo match that will have a few hundred people watching that he has to prepare for. Nobody but obsessed loons like mokoko want the UFC champ to be able to dodge fights for years like Overeem.

    The reasons are obvious that they need to keep pretending that Dana White is the one who doesn’t want the fights to happen. No honest person believes that crap. If he wants a shot at the belt, he should be dedicated to the sport. The UFC isn’t obligated to sign someone who is going to go out and get injured somewhere in between UFC fights. It would stupid business for so many reasons. And signing with the UFC would be good business for Fedor.

  • ston3pony

    Nobody said that about Henderson.

    And, the UFC does have the best competition. It’s simple truth that no serious sports journalist would refute. Nobody with any credibility would argue that Strikeforce contains a higher caliber body of fighters. It’s a fantasy that you have, like your fantasy about Fedor being the P4P #1, or the #1 HW.

    Also, Werdum was not top-10 before this fight. Not according to any sane individual. I bet you’ll argue that he was though. It’s funny watching you switch back and forth between what fighters you like, according to what organization they’re fighting for. When Hendo was in Strikeforce, he was your hero, now you don’t like him because he came from the UFC. Now you’ll talk about how amazing Werdum is, even though when he was in the UFC he was no good. And JDS is terrible, even though he smashed Werdum, because he’s in the UFC. What would you do if Fedor ever agreed to fight the best competition in the UFC? Would Fedor suddenly be no good because he’s a UFC fighter? Or, would you suddenly be a UFC fan? I bet you’d be torn.

    Fedor has no interest in fighting the top UFC fighters. He knows he would not win. He’d be doing well to take 2-3 if he fought the top-10.

  • falcon4917

    You are probably right, but we can’t tell because they don’t have an open debate about it. One says one thing and the other says something else. An organization is an orginization. There is Fedor and his management. If it’s organized it’s an organization. I am not an M1 fan at all and I do feel they are trying to get more than they should but I also feel UFC can throw a bone if they really wanted to see a fight happen. I do feel M1 might be unrealistic but hey you will still make money and if you don’t fear the competition and a true fan then throw them the co promotion.