Alistair Overeem tests negative for steroid use; The Reem Documentary Episode 3

In this episode of “The Reem” documentary, Alistair Overeem celebrates his TKO victory over Brett Rogers at Strikeforce: Nashville, and visits New York City. It is still unclear what’s next for “The Demolition Man”, with K-1 and Dream are the most likely destinations for the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion before he enters the cage to fight “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko.

One week after Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery, CEO Scott Coker revealed to that Alistair Overeem has tested negative for any use of anabolic steroids or drug abuse, based upon independent testing that was administered by the promotion. None of the Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery participants were tested positive for steroid use.


  • UndefeatedOfWest

    lol, I know brett is mad as hell right now. If he kept his mouth shout then maybe his lose wouldn’t be as embarrassing…

    Overeem is a cool and funny guy. Kind of down to earth.

  • Krogan

    Talk about a total transformation of his image to us fans, a week ago no one cared about Overeem and people thought he was just some jerk. Now dare I say he is quickly becoming one of the most liked people in MMA.

  • Madnessstill

    Like i’ve always said, and as anyone who knows what their talking about says, you can take steroids or performance enhancing drugs and test negative IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Infact, most pro athletes are well aware of the fact that a ton use performance enhancing drugs, it’s pretty much the standard so attacking someone just because of their definition(which has shit all to do with steroids) is ignorant…at best.

  • japanegro23

    What does a test prove at this point anyways? Let’s be honest with ourselves. Overeem is the Barry Bonds of MMA.

  • gm1

    Up Until Alister manhandled Brett on the last fight, I never was really an Overeem fan. And now after watching this video, Alistair is really a gentleman. He put on his birthday cap and took his balloon in a humble way. Most guys would not even do that on video. Soft spoken dude, calm, collective, he kind of has alot of Fedor mannerisms. I think both of these guys , if they fight, there will be serious blows being thrown.

  • Joey Santosus

    Yea, victory and/or champion aside, it is his disposition that made me a fan. At first he comes off arrogant with his body-language and some of his interviews, but once you get to see how he conducts himself for any extended period of time you realize that he is not like that at all. I mean yea he is still confident, as he should be, but not arrogant.

  • mokoko

    Overeem 3 years ago he was like top model naw turn to a monster ROIDS 1000 percent

  • borealis19

    Amazing Overeem! What a METEORIC RISE from the days of PRIDE! The Reem can practically bang w/ the best in the HW division…I’ll give a chance against Fedor, Carwin, Brock, or any other heavy hitter in any organization…I don’t believe he’ll ever join the UFC (mainly b/c he wants to fight in Dream and the K-1), but it would be interesting to see what he’ll match up against the best in the organization………….

  • terra2805

    Overeem has always been a cool kind of guy and is a classy champion. When these completely unfounded, malicious rumours about steroid abuse came about straight off he made it clear that when he was a LHW if he did too much weight lifting he would gain too much muscle mass and find it hard to make weight, that’s when he decided to move up to HW allowing him to do as much weight lifting as he liked along with all his other training methods aswell as being able to eat what he wants etc. The result of all this is the Overeem we see today, an unstoppable monster.

    In the fight against Rogers the way he man-handled Brett proved that all that muscle is genuine strength and not steroid induced as a few un educated idiots keep insisting. Anyone who says Overeem doesn’t have a chance against Fedor, and a very good chance imo, is not being realistic, Overeem hasn’t been beaten in a long while now and still looks better each time out, good luck to him i say…….

  • japanegro23

    Haha. Its obvious who knows about steroids and who doesn’t.

  • pound4pound

    Roids give you muscle, not skills…

  • BlueClearSky

    To be a champ gotta Act and Talk like a champ and be professional.imo
    Overeem vs Fedor would happen ,that’s a good news for fans all over the world.

  • Dabs

    That was a great comment…but Overeem has lost very recently in the K1 GP 😉

  • Ninja

    I would love to see him fight Carwin, Dos Santos or Cain, those would be amazing fights

  • mokoko

    Stil nobody talking that Overeem past the ROID test i think the big promotions a finding way to get a way with this things Barnett culdnt get away i bett if Ovee fights Fedor he gona get cheked befor and after that fight

  • KimuraMan

    Testing for anabolic steroids is impacted by the nature of the drug, its metabolites, how long lived they are in the body, how the athelete cycles, the use of masking or flushing agents and (most importantly) the sensitivity and timing of the test itself. The Eastern block countries turned this into a science.

    The only way too effectively pick up steroid use is via regular testing, including surprise tests, using sensitive diaqgnostics. I won’t turn this into a comparision of the different approaches, because it will bore the crap out of everyone. However, anyone who believes one negative expected and scheduled test can pick up a history of steroid use is naive. This is precisely why Barnett is such an ass. If you’re going to go on the juice, do it the right way.

    Let me be clear, I am not advocating nor have I ever taken anabolic steroids. The long term health effects are problematic. I am also not accusing Overeem, who may look like he’s on the juice. Lacking a postive test, I will give him the benefit of the dubt. However, please note that HGH is impossible to test for.