The Reem Documentary: Episode 2

  • Lordalek

    I though the first episode was empty, but that one is cool.

    And Bret seems to be flirting with the athletic Commission guy at the weigh in !!!

  • cranestyle

    The Reem??? Worst name for a fighter profile ever.

    I think it was directed by Ben Dover.

  • Krogan

    I thought so to before the fight, now it doesn’t matter.

  • Ninja

    Overeem is a pretty chill guy, I couldn’t believe how calm he was before the Rogers fight, can’t wait to see him fight again whether it is K-1 or MMA

  • Hurricane2k

    great fighter .. cant wait for his next fight !

  • UrHype

    CRAP, Overeem beats a guy with a 5-1 record and now we see every post about this douchebag.
    Hope that bandwagon loses a wheel soon.

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    Did lowkick already post the 1st episode? If so, can someone please provide me with a link

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    omfg, did that guy just say overeem lost some weight… But I’m jumping to conclusions. It could have been from anything.

  • cranestyle

    I agree. Beating Rodgers is hardly a huge achievement.

    “The Reem” is a good kickboxer, but against a high level MMA guy, I think he’ll get owned.

  • HunterB

    alistair gave bret rogers the reem, so i finally understand the nick name

  • SDFC

    he is high level, please get educated, what high level you talkin about? JDS? Frank Mir? Carwin? Brock? freakin roy nelson who you talkin about, he can hold his own with anyone from any weight class. of course they will be tough but thats what fights are. he cannot be “owned” no way.

  • mokoko

    Anderson looks nearly the same sise next to Overeem

  • mjgj92

    The Reem is a high level Mixed Martial Artist he has 19 subs and 13 knock outs. and only 2 decisions. I dont think it can get more mixed than that. he only started doing K-1 2 years ago.

  • YouKnow

    this guy is going to beat stephan struve

  • ksooner76

    suppose to have a whole series of this not sure when they
    release them but a documentry is what they are working on

  • ksooner76

    What have you seen this guy fight or are you one of those guys that
    hooped on the band wagon of mma ….he has had some insane fight
    MMA and K-1….has been champ in both has great skillson his feet and off and acts like a true champ should..look he isnt my favorite fighter but I do respect all fighter period and what they accomlish..Im a fan off combat sports…and you can like him or hate him but he has really good skills and think he is one of the best heavy weights out there and needs a challenge one of the only reason he stays in strike
    force is because of Fedor, personally think he will beat Fedor…I know
    Fedor use to be King of Kings but not now and If you think Fedor will
    crush’em just email Fedor or M-1 and help the fight happen cause its been offered to Fedor 4-5 times but he still dodges it..but its about time he got a lil press..and get a chance watch 4-5 of his fights

  • drunkslug