Strikeforce Results: Luke Rockhold is the New Strikeforce Middleweight Champion

American Kickboxing Academy product Luke Rockhold completed a long journey with an inspiring performance against Jacare Souza at Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Kharitonov. Rockhold showed heart of a true warrior, which eventually proved itself as a key for victory against one of the best 185’ers on the planet in Jacare Souza.

Souza had a strong opening with explosive takedowns and vicious ground and pound, but Luke Rockhold managed to withstand the Brazilian’s onslaught, looking for a way to control the action. Rockhold eventually found the control on his feet; Jacare was unable to outstrike Luke Rockhold, who looked more confident with every round. And with Rockhold successful on his feet, and Jacare unable to use his BJJ skills – it was a short way for the new Strikeforce Middleweight Champion.

Judges scored this bout 50-45, 48-47, 48-47, awarding Luke Rockhold a well-deserved victory. Rockhold improves his MMA record to 8-1, and gets himself in the mix for a Top 10 spot in Middleweight rankings. At the age of 26, the future is bright for Luke Rockhold

  • thexperience1

    Nice win for Rockhold… but his win is overshadowed by CORMIER though.. holy shit!! that kid is the TRUTH!! i wanna see him loose that blubber belly and get down to LHW, sign with UFC and cause PROBLEMS !!! The kid got olympic wrestling, speed and Rampage KO Power.. !! He’s a BEAST !!!

  • Chocolat

    Kid did his thing in this fight, a couple more years of training and he could be a serious problem. And we didn’t even get to see the ground game.

  • Nik_Hulstein

    Finaly the judges do something right!

  • KeithFarrell

    Talk about these things on the Cormier post please.

  • KeithFarrell

    Impressed with Rockhold and disappointed with Jacare,I had Jacare in top 5 MW NO WAY anyway more.
    Good to see Rockhold win as he will definitely stick around and get more notice now.
    I expect Jacare to come back stronger

  • mokoko

    For me Jakare won that fight first 3 rounds Rockhold didn’t land many punches Jackare was shaking him with single punches

  • darkenveloped

    mokoko lol. Yes many of lukes punches were blocked but did you even look at the compustrike scores and analyze how badly Luke Rockhold beat Jacare from a judging standpoint. Were you too upset after the fight was over and stormed out of the room lol. Luke threw 100’s of more shots than jacare, kept Jacare backing up the entire fight and threw 90 kicks. NINETY!!!

  • whitey

    Maybe this will shut up all the people who think Jacare can beat A. Silva – no chance, he goes to the UFC he’s a stepping stone at best.

  • MMAW

    well that one idiot judge scored it 50-45……

  • Nik_Hulstein


  • toxic

    this proves how week the MW division is…

  • Dabs

    You could argue it was a draw, but he showed he is ready after suxh a long lay-off…