Paul Daley not sure if he wants to fight for Zuffa, threatens to pull out of Nick Diaz match

“Business as usual, what if i don’t wanna fight for DANA WHITE/ZUFFA?……Dana white bans me for life from the UFC, Then buys STRIKEFORCE, and thinks im still gonna be EASY and fight on one of the most anticipated fights of the year (vs Diaz)? Which will no doubt make ZUFFA/Dana White money.  Daley vs Diaz still on?…..Someone better holla at my manager real quick.”

“Not sure what im gonna do right now, honestly…fight for the Strikeforce and be Strikeforce champ, put money in ZUFFA/Dana Whites pockets? Or fight here in the UK for BAMMA, who appreciate my brand, and have my loyal fans, family and media support me. For real.”

Many questions have been raised since Zuffa announced their purchase of Strikeforce earlier today.  Namely, how the news will affect the fighters currently under contract with the promotion and whether those who have had bad buisness dealings with the UFC in the past will remain a part of the roster.  It appears at least one such competitor is already voicing his displeasure.  Strikeforce Welterweight Paul “Semtex” Daley, who was released from his UFC contract last year after striking Josh Koscheck following the conclusion of their match-up, is now threatening to pull out of his April 9th title fight against division champ Nick Diaz.  Although UFC President Dana White has stated on numerous occasions that Daley “will never come back to the UFC,” he has assured that all current Strikeforce contracts will be honored, the Brit’s included.

With the April 9th event in San Diego just four weeks away, what impact this will have, if any, is still unclear.  According to White, its “business as usual.”  For now anyway.  Stay tuned to LowKick for more information as it becomes available.


  • Scrappler

    I like Paul Daley right now

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    What a little cry baby…..and he would be a fool to throw away his career like that.

  • Stiks

    If I were Daley, I would wait for more details about this “merger” to be revealed. I admire him for his way of thinking because Dana White did ban him for life, although I still believe he did deserve some sort of punishment for what he did, but this sort of talk before all the details are made available can be detrimental to him.

  • WADM

    Its normal dat he feels bad, but he got banned by his own fault, if he doesnt wanna fight 4 Dana White, at least prove ur name

  • Bodhidharma

    Hahahaha Paul Daley is determined to end his MMA career. This guy is the poster boy for worlds stupidest MMA fighter.

  • Angeles0

    why is this guy talkin like the fans care if he leaves or not Lmao nobody will miss you if you leave the sport doesnt need this guy!

  • IGMBurninPiff

    you have to imagine that BAMMA isn’t as far as he wants to go in MMA. he already F’d up once after the Kos fight and is paying for it but now to throw away a 2nd chance? man he’s acting like a fool. he’s making it like Dana kicked him out for good because he lost the fight. he did that 100% on his own. pulling out the Diaz fight like that based on a personal conflict would moreless black ball him from MMA on his own what promoter would take a chance on a late punching drop out?

  • WorldStarCEO

    You gotta be a bitch, to like one…

    Daley needs to sit his ass down… shut the **** up and focus on “winning” instead of “whining”.. dumb ass. I’d love to get a chance to get into the octagon with him… drop him and choke some sense into his ass… smh

  • SPQR

    Its cool Paul Daley can just go fight in for another big mma organization……oh wait

  • TheMMAfan

    Paul daley cant cry about shit, he punched an opponent from behind after a fight was over. How bad does that look for not only ufc but the sport of mma. He diserved his punishment and it had to be done. Just who exactly is he threatening other than his career. Sure go ahead and refuse to fight even though you’re lucky to have your job all because you dont like dana white, go fight and be champion of the no-namers in BAMMA or suck it up and make something of yourself and fight the best in zuffa

  • David Saucier

    Daley guess what its your job to fight to make money, and you make money by making the promoters money.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    Suddenly Daley’s pond got a LOT bigger and he doesn’t like it. He’s top 3 in Strikeforce, he isn’t top ten in the UFC. Whiny bitch.

  • griffin

    i hope he undestands that Dana doesnt give 2 shits about him and whether he fights or not. I would love to see the fight but Daley is acting like a little bitch right now

  • kbljm

    where else are you going to go to daley. shark fight? bellator? damn fool you better just shut-up and make that money. you know how many fighters would love to have your spot you bitch. stop your crying man and knock out diaz.

  • HunterB

    no you wouldnt, you would shit your pants if you had to fight Daley

  • MereDictum

    Come on now, he’s an anonymous poster . . . talking trash from behind a computer- I’m sure he’s not really a keyboard commando. On second thought, that’s exactly what he is.

  • HunterB

    Paul Daley is a “wanker”

  • garry_blackbelt

    daley for sure dont got a chance. why daley would you cry about that ! you done it too ur self ! you kicked ur sport in the face at ufc when dana got rid of you! why cry step up like a real man! you made that bed now lay in it ! :)

  • Scrappler

    He’d knock your ass out you little bitch. Your ego is way to big lol. Get the tampon outa ya pussy girl.

  • jackthedrinker89

    dude ur retarded he would wear ur ass out…

  • jamo

    you guys can talk all the shit you want about daley but none of you can kick his ass. in fact, he’ll beat the shit out of your whole family. now, i’m not a big daley fan, but have respect for the fighters. especially the one that will take chances like daley and throw them fists. not like lay and pray koscheck. i think the fighters of strikeforce should be very weary of this move and i think daley is only the first to show is disagreement . dana hates half the fighters in strikeforce and has disrespected the rest by constantly say the fight in a b league. if it’s such a b league, why did daley kick all his opponents ass in the ufc impressively up til the kos fight right after he was beaten easily by then strikeforce champ jake shield. your telling me allistair overeem is a b class fighter?

  • TarrantulaBdawg420

    This is just hilarious. Daley must have a lot of mixed feelings right now but he should just concentrate on getting the strikeforce belt. Not as many people will remember him as a fighter if he pulls out of strikeforce just by means of trying to spite ZUFFA. He should fight Diaz and figure it out from their. On the other hand i would still like to hear Dana Whites reaction if he did chicken-out

  • DR3W

    what a dumbass he screwed up no zuffa. he should probally take his own ego out of the equation and stop being stubborn. This is where he makes his money he wants to dip then its his choice to make that mistake. Waste of talent if daley actually does

  • Boner89

    Please drop out Daley! Please! Nick would sub your ass ne way, plus Nick just got a shit-load of better match-ups with the UFC in it now. Diaz vs Condit NOW!

  • Boner89

    I like him too who wants to see Daley get subbed by Diaz ne way? Send Condit down to fight Diaz then have them fight the winner of GSP vs Shields.

  • Zadok83

    Cry me a river T666. Strikeforce is pretty much done. If you wanna see the best fighters in the world in the near future, you’ll have to watch the UFC. As long as I get to see the best possible fights, I don’t care who bought what company. Get over it already.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    Trump couldn’t afford the UFC.

    Aside from that, unfortunately I agree with your ultimate plan, to make it a regional thing, with teams or camps composing independantly owned franchises in an overall league that isn’t owned by anyone. The only way a sport can grow to the size of the other major American sports is to make the fans grow very strong alleigences to fighters, or teams of fighters. Making it regional, or by camp gives people something to feel passionately about on a personal level, that sort of nationalistic **** YES that we all get when our cities’ teams play.

    The first step is to have the league grow though, and having Strikeforce separate from the UFC is not helping that ultimate cause in any way. Clearly you are clouded by a hate of Dana White and the business practices of the Fertittas. No matter what you say, Strikefoce wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the advances in MMA that were led by the UFC and the Zuffa System you hate so much. They’re the reason it’s gone international, they’re the reason it’s regulated in all but a few states and basically all of Canada; the list goes on. Look at things objectively instead of through your ridiculous foggy lens of hate.

  • ckantor420

    Can someone go burn T666′s keyboard.

  • GoldenBibi

    Daley Is a joke….Now even threatens to pull out of Nick Diaz match……No Honor…He Sucks.

  • D

    Go fight in BAMMA Paul. I bet your loyal fans and media will make you just as much money as you would in the UFC… NOT

    Let me remind you, it was you who made the stupid mistake, not ZUFFA.

  • 1meanguillotine

    Some call it ****y i call it confident

  • sankaku jime

    Great Daley !!!, you are an honor guy . Mrs Dana White was speaking ill of Fedor , Overeem , Barnett, and many more . so much crap and bullshit from this puss… and now couse this great fighters sale a lot , they have bought the S force, what a ff uuki….ng bad new!!!! a honorable sport as mma could’t be represented as a clown like White.

  • postmortem

    from what dana said the ban had alot more to do with daleys attitude after the punch showing no remorse when he was confronted about it this reaction kinda confirms that. he needs to sit back and thinkshut his mouth for awhile does he really want to fight bellator and bamma forever is he happy and content just to fight lower level guys getting pocket money? if so then i really have no intrest in seeing him fight no matter how talented he may be. this is a chance for him to man up admit his mistakes and carry on with his carreer instead he just wants to complain like a little boy.

    ps i know daley could kick my ass easily that doesnt mean he isnt acting immature

  • azzkika

    Have you never punched anyone that verbally wound you up? Kos asked for that punch and Daley allowed his emotions to get the better of him.

    The whole affair was overreacted to and should have been handled with a public apology from Daley to Kos. Danas treatment of fighters as he sees fit makes Daley quite rightly ask do I want him as my boss again?

    For those labelling Daley as stupid and determined to ruin his career I suggest you learn to read. He will have a career in MMA outside of Strikeforce if he so wishes and ask yourselves how you would feel having a boss that hates you taking over your firm.

  • Kon

    I dont really see how Paul Daley can be angry at the ufc he was the one who was throwing punches after the bell why would the ufc want someone like that to represent them. Hes lucky strikeforce was even willing to give him a chance

  • azzkika

    He is top 10 in UFC. If he could develop TD defense he’d be top 3.

  • azzkika

    The reason it went international was technology. Nothing to do with UFC. You also fail to mention many other MMA organisations that were also instrumental in the development of the sport. People hate the term Zuffa zombie, but I do think it is accurate for some folks.

  • postmortem

    i cant believe your saying daley is a honorable guy your talking about the same eye gouging illegal knee throwing after bell punching and now threatening to breach a contract paul daley right ?

  • wartaal677

    daley is really a integer person, instead of just chosing the big money he prefers to stay loyal to his fans instead of working for a guy who is more or less a bully

    I really dont get dana, first he is always talking shit about sf and then he buys it, bitch ass dana….but now world is gonna see how strong fedor,overeem and silva are compared to ufc fighters. Only cain velasques can compete with them, no lesnar no carwin and no santos

  • ck1

    This is whats so bad about ufc having every thing. They have the monopoly and there is no competition. In business when a company has the monopoly its no good for the consumers and if dana says the ppv will be 70 dollars then us as the consumers either pay or you dont watch. If we have other promotions then we have choice to watch something else and choice is great. And for the fighters having no competition is also bad because If you upset dana then you have no where to go, before strikeforce was also a good promotion to go to, but what do you do now, go to bamma and get paid peanuts or be made to lick dana’s ass, which is clearly what he loves, having the power over all the fighters.

  • TheRealDeal

    Hey Daley- nobody gives a sh*t, you drama queen pussy. If you don’t want to fight for the greatest organization in the world, then leave, you dumbass.

  • AnAmerican

    Daley needs to spend more time making up with Dana and less time running away. It won’t be long before Zuffa is the only one out there to fight for and make a decent pay check. then where will he be?

  • Spyridon

    How are we going to do that with all the manopolies canobilzing the competition?

  • JiuJitsuBBQ

    This kid is an idiot if he is going to burn another bridge. A little humility after what he did might be in order. Maybe he should win a title before he starts acting like the king of the world and perhaps he should reflect on what he did and acknowledge that it put him in the position he is in right now. Zuffa had nothing to do with that.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    Technology? Come on.

    Why do you think the majority of lay fans still think MMA = UFC?? To deny it has anything to do with the UFC/Zuffa is to deny the most obvious fact. Yeah, the internet is the reason the UFC is the only MMA organisation to go international.

    MMA isn’t mainstream yet people, our views as fans do not reflect the majority of people’s opinion. You’re delusional to think that this sport has been grown all it needs to and just needs time to mature now. To deny that Zuffa is responsible for all of the States and Canada regulating now is to deny the most obvious facts of the matter, I don’t even want to continue the discussion. The most recent, and extreme, example is Ontario, and if you don’t know these stories, go home.

    Yeah, the UFC wasn’t any more important than WFL or the IFC in the development of the sport. **** off ya moron.

  • DesiredUsername

    Paul Daley’s either extremely stupid and full of himself or a self-promotion genius

  • Rane

    Looks to me like Paul Daley is missing half his brain. Instead of acting like a professional and trying to amend things. Prove himself and admit his wrong doings, he runs his mouth at Dana white and the UFC.

    Wow, way to end your career there sport!

  • azzkika

    Without technological advancements the UFC would barely be a global product. MMA was popular in other places that had never heard of the UFC. There was a long underground scene in Europe long before the UFC as there was in many parts of the world. the UFC is responsible for being a successful MMA organisation but gets way too much credit from ****heads who dont know their MMA.

    The UFC has a policy of trying to destroy competition. If it was not for alot of financial backing the UFC would have folded long ago. Are you familiar with TKO or Cage Rage or Pride? Any of these organisations with the right backing could have succeeded. It is more luck than anything else that has brought the UFC success. If Pride hadn’t folded the UFC could have well folded as it was the B class at the time.

    To imply technology had nothing to do with MMA becoming an internationally recognised sport shows just how inept of mind you must be, and myself also as I bothered to reply to a ignorant twat, but only to educate the gullible and save them from tunnel visioned biased stupid people like you.

  • azzkika

    **** the haters Daley. Ya was wrong to sucker punch Kos, but at least you have some principles unlike those who are anyones for a quick buck. If BAMMA is where ya best off I look forward to seeing some more highlight reel KOs from you there. And put one on Dana for me if you bump into him lol.

  • azzkika

    Dana White dont like anyone who can think for theirselves and wont be his bitch and that is a fact. Daley aint no ones bitch (well Kos’s I suppose) but he is his own man and I got more respect for him than the fighters who sell their soul to Dana.

  • sankaku jime

    I suppose that Daley attitudes have to do with anger and that he took it emotional , I don’t share his actions on the cage, he should be severely penalized but not ass kicked from the company , the funny thing is that the Dana that said he never again will be a UFC fighter, now have no problems at all for Daley to fight under zuffa contract, that’s the reason I’m with Daley and if he keep what he said he definitively have balls, that’s why I said he is an honor guy. For me It’s not all about the money but some self respect too.

  • azzkika

    It will be interesting if anymore Strikeforce fighters question the ethics of working for a man who has repeatedly publicly ridiculed them. I know I wouldn’t unless there was a personal apology forst.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    TECHNOLOGY IS THE KEY TO EVERY SINGLE TREND’S DEVELOPMENT IN THE LAST TWENTY YEARS. That is such a simple and obvious fact, it doesn’t need to be stated, it’s a variable on EVERY SINGLE TREND/rise in popularity, it’s the universal variable that can be eliminated from the equation because it goes without saying.

    You’re talking about the UFC/Zuffa as if it’s some odd destructive entity that invented buying out smaller, weaker, inferior competition. Umm that’s kind of how Western economic dominance was established. And you’re also saying it like it’s some insane coincidence that the UFC went from extreme debt to become the strongest force in the sport and the face of MMA. You really think it had nothing to do with creating a superior product? They put on more fights, more often, of a higher quality with better production values, better marketing, higher pay for fighters, more media exposure… do I have to keep going? Do you think the Fertitta’s sucked some Illuminati or Presidential **** to be afforded these “Magical” opportunities for success? NO ya ****in idiot, they built the best product, they WON the business race and that’s how capitalism works. You can’t flaunt values of equal competition and vaunt capitalist ideals and at the same time conveniently disregard aspects of it you don’t happen to like.

    Why did TKO, Cage Rage and Pride all fold? As if the UFC had some mega powers they used to destroy them, scorched mma earth. It doesn’t make any sense man, you just hate Zuffa and the power they’re assembling.

    And again, with the pure idiocy, trying to say that the underground scene that’s been around in Europe for so long was going anywhere. Are you kidding me!? Did you not see how the media treated the UFC when they went to Germany? All of the ignorant crap, complete lack of knowledge by all but a few guys who were directly involved in fighting, or the few underground fans. Nevermind the influence from boxing promoters preventing them from having any TV coverage in the whole country. And then should we talk about how BIG INTO MMA France is? The sport isn’t even ****ing legal there, you can’t strike an opponent on the ground and they give 8-10 counts for fighters when they’re knocked down.

    Do you think Strikeforce was making a push to have it regulated and the rules changed in France or accepted in Germany? Do you think MFC were the main reason that the provincial government of Ontario did a complete about-face and decided after long resistance to finally regulate? Come on dude, use your ****ing brain.

  • joelsephw420

    Daley put it on him self, I think he just needs to STFU and fight, I think hes just scared of Diaz

  • mma420

    whata D-GAG

  • WingChun

    The lifting of the ban on PD should be part of this deal. Dana should forgive the guy and move on; he’s been punished enough.

    I’d also say – that to F-over Daley (now) or to continue to do so, would be akin to restraint of trade. Dana White should never be so powerful as to be able to “black-ball” a fighter; any fighter and that includes Paul Daley and his “mistake”.

    I personally hope that this is the first step to getting Paul Daley and Nick Diaz as well, back to the big show.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    If anyone’s going to F-over Paul Daley, it’s Paul Daley.

  • Gbrl_88

    Calm down Mr Know it all….you dont know jack shit you fuken FAG! your just like your father!

  • Gbrl_88

    Yeah **** that British asshole all they do is bitch!!! they bitch about americans they bitch about cars…they bitch and bitch and bitch! what ever happen to business is business…after all he is the one who ****ed up now pain for your mistakes your bitch!…. idk care if you can knock me out you still a bitch!!!!

  • Daddyn505

    Paul Daley made a bitch ass move. He deserves what he got and should be grateful he’s still allowed to compete. Take your thumb out of your ass, take care of bussiness, or go the **** home. Simple as that.