King Mo calls Gegard Mousasi "Kermit the Frog"

  • Rane

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t hate!

    King Mo wants the big paycheck!

  • ClosetCasey

    Ahhhh No he didn’t !!!

  • UrHype

    lol. Mo will his frog mouth smashed by Mousai. I cant wait.
    Mo is going down for talking wayyyyy too much trash.

  • UrHype

    Your thread picture is hilarious Antong.

  • Anwar

    Here is my prediction:
    Mousasi by murder

  • MMAeveryDay

    “King Mo” will get his crown knocked off! He needs to be shut up by a real mixed martial artist. Can’t wait!

  • Ninja

    I like it when two fighters trash talk before a fight, makes the fight more exciting, can”t wait till mo vs mousasi in april

  • Rory Kernaghan

    I thinks its mo doin all the talking,on the night he will be doing all the sleeping

  • Apoc

    I like the body shot treatment at the end.

    Damn, can’t say I’ve seen that before, pretty hardcore way to train. Very nice.

  • ston3pony

    It’s funny watching illiterate half-coherent idiots trying to insult people.

    “Where’d you get those clothes? At the toilet store?”

  • Krogan

    I couldn’t disagree more, Trash talk can help hype fights that I would otherwise not care about but I think the fights I have been most hyped about in my life have not had any trash talk, like Fedor vs Cro Cop or Fedro vs Big Nog.

  • HunterB

    king mo is definately a disgrace, talented or not, he sounds like a complete idiot

  • Daniel Cassidy

    i really think Mo’s bitten off way more than he can chew

  • Rory Kernaghan

    is fedro fedor’s spanish cousin?

  • kamari

    The Late Great M.C. Breed ‘Aint No Future In Your Front’n, slap’n while he trains, no way he can lose now. YEAH BITCH, I SAID IT

  • Rory Kernaghan

    for sure he has never been tested in a fight coz the guys have been bums,we don’t even know if he has a chin,my suspicion is gegard will show us that he doesnt

  • thefuryy

    King Mo talks to much..
    against mousasi all that talk will be stop..

    and if he win i will jump from a bridge…


  • Metatron

    You’re a kook, Kamari.

  • grapplure

    ha im glad he clarified that he did not call out Fedor

  • thefuryy


    Como estas..

  • kamari

    Thanks step-son, me & your moms been called that all our lives but we enjoy being 2gether. Whats up Urhypee, you’re K.K.Krazy patna, K.K.Keep it up, you think you neo-everthing.

  • HotMixed

    That first!!!! CRAP is freaking annoying. BTW dont you dare click sharp on me

  • knn03

    to me, that’s actually a compliment cause I like Kermit the Frog, he’s badass.

  • Rafu

    theres nothing special in it…

  • UrHype

    I find it amusing that I give you logical calm information and you get butt hurt and start screaming racism and cursing like little bi tch.
    In your lame words “YEA I SAID IT BITCH!”
    Enjoy your last reply towards you “degenerate”…you might have to look up that last word, Im pretty sure your incapable of understanding it.

  • JiuJitsuBBQ

    Mousasi will crush this dude.

  • SikBoi

    Aside from being maybe the biggest dbag in MMA, Mo insn’t a terrible fighter, but Mousasi is a great fighter. Yes, Mo will get smashed.

  • NateDogg

    Man he is a big mother****er! And I really think, he has a good chance to beat Gegard

  • SDFC

    okay anchorman… we should call you brick


    Im quoting one of Frank Shamrock’s comments regarding Mousasi:

    ” I ‘ve been watching Mousasi fight and I couldn’t see ANY flaws in his game. He is going to remain unbeaten for a long time”