Sergei Kharitonov trains at Team Golden Glory ahead of showdown with Arlovski

  • overhand right

    he was looking kinda slow and sloppy in this…war kharitonov but man he better look a LOT sharper than this come fight night.

    unless this was just a very light, friendly sparring session. even still though he looked quite slow.

  • dogboy

    slow indeed
    he”ll need to be throwing down them combos to survive in this

  • TenderRainDrop

    In his defense he never was a very fast puncher. His timing was always good, and he’s punches have a way of slipping through a lot of guards. And he’s as tough as a bag of hammers. Arlovski will most likely out box him, but Sergei has a lot of experience and power. I’d say Sergei has the advantage on the ground. I’m very split of this fight, i think Andrei will surprise a lot of people, but Sergei could (T)KO AA. It’s a toss up for me.

  • ck1

    @tender. thats right, if you look at his fights when he cane onto the scene he wasnt fast but power and he hits the target, and im going back to 04 when he battered ninja, yes that wasnt ninjas real weight but it was his accuracy that put ninja away and he has beaten good names, and he is tough, watch the fight with alex emelianko, especially the end! What happened to alex, that guy had fast powerful hands and was dangerous.


    This fight can go either way.

  • pound4pound

    Arlovski has his hands full with him, he is a strong puncher and Arlovski´s chin is not good ata all, Arlovski may out box him but if he gets caught it is going to hit the canvas…

  • mokoko

    Look at his training partners scared of him you stand in front of him than you feel his punching power last time he dropped Overeem in stand up fight

  • ShenronRage

    There is no smart money in this fight, both fighters have an equal chance. But Kharitonov doesn’t have a glass chin, and if it comes to an exchange Arlovski better gtfo of it cause Kharitonov is hard to knock out, then again if Andrei got his act together from his last 3 fights then he shouldn’t worry about it cause hell be as fast as he normally is, well see come fight night.

  • khmerkickboxing

    be a little open minded, he looks like he’s been training with different training partner all day already, of course he gonna be a bit tired and slow, but, i wanna see you say that to his face…instead…

  • overhand right

    well it doesn’t say in the description that he’s been training all day, i’m just going by what i see.

    and i’d rather NOT say that to his face thanks, as i enjoy having my jaw all in one piece.

  • Accyfist

    Still can’t believe he lost to Jeff Monson. Back in ’04, 05′ he was one of the hottest prospects around. If you haven’t seen his fights in the ’04 Pride HW tournament you have to. He’s a scary man but he got taught a lesson by Big Nog. Great fight!