Gegard Mousasi blames personal issues for the Nashville defeat; Wants King Mo on New Year’s Eve

Former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion and one of the best Light Heavyweights in the World, Gegard “The Dreamcatcher” Mousasi, talked for the first time about his disappointing loss to King Mo at Strikeforce: Nashville, last month.

Mousasi’s training partner Marloes Coenen revealed in an exclusive interview to two weeks ago that there was something else that bothered “The Dreamcatcher”. Mousasi himself stated that the reason behind his performance was not the lack of takedown defense but some sort of personal issues he had in time of the fight:

“I think it wasn’t my takedown defense. I was, in my life, somewhere else maybe. I fought his fight. I didn’t sprawl, I wasn’t sharp, maybe my condition should have been better. So, there are a lot of things that I could say that went wrong but basically it comes to: he fought his fight and he won. I didn’t fight my fight. It wasn’t that my wrestling wasn’t good enough or my sprawl wasn’t good enough, I think I just fought stupid.”

Gegard Mousasi will participate in the upcoming Dream Light Heavyweight Gran Prix that will start at Dream.15 on July 10th. The Dutch-Armenian declared that he has no one but his foe Muhammed Lawal currently on his mind:

“I don’t have a specific opponent that I want to fight. I don’t know who is going to participate in the tournament but I would love to fight King Mo again. I hope on New Year’s Eve I will get my shot at him.”

By becoming the new Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion King Mo not only dethroned Gegard Mousasi, but also cut his incredible 15-fight winning streak that started with a victory over Hector Lombard, almost four years ago. Twenty-four year old Gegard Mousasi is currently 28-3 in his MMA career, holding a record of 17 knockouts, 9 submissions and only 2 decision victories.

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  • japanegro23

    Its going to be interesting to see how he rebounds after this loss. I want to see him fight Mo again. He seems really motivated now. I hope he gets the belt again.

  • capjo



    With all due respect, once the cage door closes you are in a zone and don’t think about anything else…

    So while he was on his back with King Mo ontop are you saying he was thinking about the drama in his life and forgot to fight?

    He’s a pro athlete/fighter leave the B.S outside of the cage.

    And why does he have a female training partner? go back to training with GSP.

  • knn03

    What’s not to believe? Did you see him fight? He wasn’t weak physically, he was weak mentally.

    I’d like to hear Mo’s response to a rematch. More trashtalk? I dunno, I think he’s scared of Gegard now.

  • mokoko

    Mousassi lost the first fight becose point taken away from him he kicked Mo’s ass big time

  • Rane

    Wow… EXCUSES…

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. You lost because you lost. Fighters need to stop making excuses after they lose.

  • Joey Santosus

    Yea I agree. It seems that excuse making has quickly become more popular and acceptable in MMA. Fighters have always made excuses, but it was frowned upon….. Now it seems like more and more fans are supporting their excuses. MMAJAY above made an excellent point up above…. The whole personal issue thing is non-sense. You are not thinking about that stuff in the cage. Now if u let it affect ur training before fight night then thats another story, but doing so shows weakness as a professional fighter.

  • Jizzle11

    Dude just accept defeat. Yeah you should have done more but you didn’t.

  • Rigo

    o for sure! i did notice Mousasi diferent in the fight!
    normaly his more agressive and sharp with his punches!
    and after round 2 he just look like he gave up!

    king mo did nothing but lay n pray , i never saw mousasi hurt or in big danger , Mo just wrestle to a win desicion

    lets see if hes a GSP rebound fighter! and comes back stronger than ever!

  • UrHype

    It was like Shogun’s first fight in the UFC….it just wasnt right & everyone knew it.

  • Ninja

    I still consider Mousasi top ten LHW’s in the world and I believe he will win in the rematch

  • Zombiepower

    Death of someone you know, Divorce, relationships will affect everyone mentally, and so the professional fighters. am not sure what happened to Gegard, but that fight with Mo was not Gegard we used to see every fight,. hope he bounce back and take the crown from the King.

  • drunkslug

    Dreamcatcher looked extremely hesitant in the fight. Scared, even. If the rematch ever happens, I’m sure he’ll be a lot more confident and aggressive.

  • HAKI

    If you have no women, no kids,no friends(except 4 the ones you chat to on the computer) pretty much lifeless like 75% of the dudes on this site, it would be hard to understand where Mousasi is coming from.

  • Joey Santosus

    Bro ur here as much as anyone and more than most!! Obviously you have never fought before or played anytime of physical sport!!! When you are in that situation, I dont care wtf u think man, you DO NOT think about problems in ur life!!! Adrenaline and skills take over, you just act and react….. Its all based on your training and skills. So once again thanks for showing ur total and complete ignorance on yet another topic.

  • SikBoi

    Reporters ask the fighters “what do you think went wrong in there tonight?” or “Why weren’t you able to execute you game-plan?” because people seem to want to know why a fighter feels like he came up short. Its not always about making excuses. Some guys are famous for carrying on tho, but I don’t think that’s Mousasi. He accepts responsibility for his loss.

  • Joey Santosus

    Yea I know what you mean. I was speaking generally tho. I mean you cant really point out any particular fighter and say well he is just making excuses, but this fighter on the other hand actually had a genuine reason. You never really know. Except for a few that are just obvious sore losers.

  • TDraGon

    no man, he doesnt deserve another chance, fighters need to stop blaming loses on personal issues. They only fight 3 times a year max usually and theres no excuse to not to give 100% at the time of the fight.

    Maybe if he fights him again, there will be another personal issue and again another excuse,forget that. Pay me that amount of money and illl have 0 excuses for my losses


    yes its because he is friend with fedor the coward …


    I actually dont think fedor is a coward , but I was thunking if we all hate on fedor for fighting nobodies.
    He will have no more fans , no more money … and he will have to fight the best in the ufc.

  • moots

    I think Tito is a consistent excuse-maker actually.

  • moots

    I’m sick of hearing about excuses after fighters lose. If you are sick and you fight, it is your fault. If you have personal issues in training and it makes you less than 100% for a fight, get over it. Fighters are rarely if ever 100% come fight night and it is your job as a fighter to be prepared. If you aren’t prepared, it is your fault period. A fighter accepts an opponent, a date for the fight, trainers, sparring partners, etc. Knowing all this you should come prepared to fight and not make excuses. Fighters that adapt are more likely to be prepared. If you can’t prepare, then don’t take the fight or postpone it.

  • UrHype

    Strip a MAN of everything he has, simply to entertain you?
    You provide ammunition to my theory that humans are azzhulls.

  • adobostreak

    so personal issues caused you to have poor takedown defense? ok gerard

  • HunterB

    one question to both of yall, have you ever fought in the cage before???, or a ring at that??? we all know you can talk shit about knowing mma, but have you ever experienced it, to say your personal problems stay away from your performance???

  • BIGNUTZ415

    mousassi is a chump stop makin excuses cuz u got beat by a wrestler with minimal mma expierience..

  • divo

    Not true, there is a reason some fighters keep going when others give up.

    Its heart, and when ur heart is not in the fight, its eventually gonna be your downfall….unless your fighting style is excellent against the other fighter.

    In this case, it may have been both…Mo has an excellent style against mousasi anyway.

  • TheRealDeal

    Once the cage shuts there are no excuses for losing, period. It is a poor example of sportsmanship. He should just say it was a close fight, ask for a rematch, and leave it at that. Nobody cares if he had personal issues, a headache, a sore thumb, or anything else wrong that day. I don’t think a single fighter would ever admit to entering the cage 100% healthy physically and mentally, and if they did, they are lucky to have done so.

  • Joey Santosus

    Hahaha Nobody worry about this guy….. He started pming me and harassing me over something in another thread. Now he is trying to start shit in this one….. What a loser. Man just enjoy the site and stop it already.

  • GSPfan

    Or maybe he is just saying these things to make it seem like he feels that King Mo can’t beat him if he is on top of his game. Therefore, Mo gets pissed and starts trying to push a rematch for his next fight to show he is better than Mousasi? Who knows. It could be excuses, or it could be a strategy?

  • IChokePeople

    While I do agree with you that once you are in the ring everything else disappears I do not agree that things outside the ring can’t interfere. If you are not focused during training then it will show up in the ring. In that sense, if Gegard was having personal problems, outside influences could play a decisive part in what happens during the fight.

  • KimuraMan

    Mousasi needs to stop eating so much hummus and taboli and start eating red meat like a real man. It sounds like his favorite camel refused to bend over for him mid-way through training, and that affected his delicate psyche. No excuses: YOU LOST!!! GET OVER IT!!! EXCUSES IMPEED YOUR ABILITY TO GROW!!!

  • SpiderSilva

    I saw it as the real Mousasi, over hyped and put in his place. Watch him lose again and see what excuses he comes up with then because he’s been exposed…which is why he’s in small time Strikeforce

  • SpiderSilva

    I agree with you and Rane 100%…he was put in his place and Mo just proved how over hyped he is and their next fight will be no different…I cant wait to hear the excuses once he’s rag dolled again. They both want to hide at small time Strikeforce, Fedor belongs in the Bigs but Mousasi would get murdered at 185 and especially 205 in the UFC…with Mo holding the belt at 205 and Hendo in the 185 mix in Strikeforce He’ll never touch gold again…but I’m sure it’ll be because he was sick, or the sun was in his eyes, or his mommy didnt kiss his boo boo’s

  • SpiderSilva

    I blame Mo for being the better fighter and exposing the over hyped “dreamcatcher”…that’s what happens when you live on hopes and dreams, you get brought to reality and make excuses for it because you actually believed the hype…which is why you’re still in Strikeforce. The rematch,if it happens, will only be a replay of the first fight then more excuses…

  • SpiderSilva

    Uh…what sense does that comment make? Are you still making excuses for the man too? Truth hurts bro…he’s all hype and can only make excuses after a loss and he’ll never touch gold again unless it’s in Japan…he was put in his place PERIOD. So I’ll be an asshole but I’m the asshole that knows the truth