Bobby Lashley says he wants to fight Alistair Overeem

  • Krogan

    It seems Lashely thinks he should get treated differently then other fighters. You don’t go from beating nobody’s to fighting the champ, that is just not how it works. Brett Rogers is a prefect test him as Rogers is one of the best in the heavyweight division. If he beats Rogers then he could talk about Fedor or Overeem.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Steroids + Steroids = STEROIDS

  • TorontoUFC

    correction. steroids+steroids = 2steroids

  • UrHype

    Bobby does not need to fight Alistar..Alistar needs to come back and fight the real contender first(Fedor)for the HW belt
    Booby needs to be tested against Rogers, win or lose that will tell us where he is at.

  • UrHype

    obviously a no name guest just like you.

  • NA3Z

    This thread is awesome

  • UrHype

    lol, welcome to lowkick man!

  • Pyronaut

    Every organisation needs a WWE wrestler who gets a shot after a couple of fights. Thats the way it works.

    UFC and SF both went for NFL players late last year, i think this year they might get Ice Hockey players, since they usually have pretty good brawls while still holding their balance on ice.


    Lashley vs Overeem in a steel cage match with tables, ladders, & chairs. Roid War 2010!