Andrei Arlovski: This is Sparta!!!!

  • MMAW

    hehe i was about to post this. Good to see Arlovski, Jones having some fun….probably not so much fun for Dodson lol

  • evilways

    Hope Arlowski can get back on track.

  • theashark


  • theashark

    best of luck andrei arlovski, hope you get far in the tourney

  • Rigo

    the This is Sparta!!! is first then the Kick but still looks cool.
    poor guy that got kick , he was on one side of the cage then at the other in like 2 secs lol

  • SumHo

    Did the guy really die or?

  • Bodhidharma

    Anyone else notice the guy holding the bag actually jumps back a split second before the kick lands?

  • dray12

    Thanks tips

  • diamond-mma2

    lol that was funny,they should of just showed the kick not they guy talking at the beginning lol

  • drunkslug

    Constant movement and composure might get him to the finals. I like his style and personality but you can’t fix a not so durable jaw. This tournament could make or break Arlovski for good…I hope the best for him in his next fight.

  • Foolishhankk

    He always reminded me of Leonidas

  • codemaster

    lol…..he really does look like the Spartan king in the movie.

    Judging by the sweat on Jon Jones, they are working pretty hard, and having fun.

    Arlovski probably could not prepare in a better camp. Excellent sparring partners and the added advantage of high altitude training will give him more gas at sea level.

  • D

    Kind of reminds me of when Fedor KTFO him except he throws a kick and not a knee.

  • Jamie Kennedy

    lmao – Arlovski would be right at home swingin an axe into someones face back in ancient greece. he looks like the dude from the movie 300…


    Playing around?! No wonder he’s been getting his ass kicked.

  • DarkBlue62

    I have always liked Arlovski. Hope he can get back to winning ways.

  • theashark

    sure he wont be playing around all day long during training camp

  • theashark

    im sure you cant lift your leg above your waist

  • TenderRainDrop

    He just has to stay composed. I’m so split on this fight, they both can (t)ko each other or go to decision. A very even fight in my eyes.

  • khmerkickboxing

    duuuhhh…you dumb ****..

  • Tchelnik

    you know… there are alot of bearded people

  • azzkika

    His jaw has never recovered from fedor wrecking it.

  • IChokePeople

    His jaw looked okay when Silva was beating on it.

  • IChokePeople

    I would like to see him make the finals but if he gets past Kharitonov he will have the worst possible match up for the semis. He either gets a guy that already demolished him OR he gets Josh Barnett.

  • TenderRainDrop

    I think Brett surprised Arlovski the first time. I think Andre thought that Brett is going to show some respect by not rushing in like a truck, which he did and totally caught Andrei off. If they fight again i’m sure he’ll play a lot smarter and out point Brett. While Josh is probably a bad match up for any HW, the guy can stand, wrestle, and submit. Very underrated IMO, and should be in the top 10 easily, he just hasn’t fought tough competition recently.

  • IChokePeople

    I completely agree that Arlovski is good enough to out point or even KO Rogers but that first fight would get in anyone’s head. I think that will make any rematch difficult for Andrei. I think the final will be Barnett V either Fedor or Overeem.