Andrei Arlovski: I'm absolutely not retiring

  • Endo

    He really should.

    Should just train people instead, I’m sure he’d be great at that, he’s a really nice/knowledgable guy.

  • Rafael_Roberto

    Good, I was a Arlovski fan since he beat Sylvia. But maybe he needs to fight a lower type of competion.

  • Zadok83

    At this rate, Arlovski is gonna end up dying in the cage. I’m serious! He’s been brutally KOed too many times and 3 out of his last 4 fights. He needs for someone who actually cares for his well being to tell him this. I’m not even an Arlovski fan, but I don’t wanna see this man turned into a human vegetable or dead.

  • willc09

    yeah he’s still got the skill set to be a great fighter but the body just isn’t up to any more, shame he was one of the reasons i started watching MMA in the first place

  • azzkika

    Someone needs to get through to him he cannot take a punch anymore and will be doing the Ali shuffle if he is not careful.

  • postmortem

    no shame in retiring he had a good run and hopefully handeld his money well nobody wants to see him get permantley damaged. so hang it up and be proud you went out on your shield like a warrior should

  • overhand right

    Surely he can’t be fighting in Strikeforce in the future though. There’s no heavyweights with pillow fists in that division!

    I’d rather see him retire than go on getting badly hurt and potentially brain damaged.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Even Evander Holyfield thinks he should retire.

  • TheRealDeal

    He was a champion, which most fighters cannot say, however, his time has come. It is a very difficult decision to make though, and that decision is his alone to make, even though most fans think it is time.

  • Old_School

    hang it up andrei no point embarsing yurself any longer. itll do more harm than good

  • jesse

    did he not learn from chuck liddell? its not a myth that these older fighters have glass chins, its fact. once youve been concussed (KOd) a few times it is much easier to get knocked out. and combined with his glass chin was his bad habbit to put himself against the fence. youd think hed be more cautious being known for having a weak chin, but he didnt keep his distance enough and i knew after the first minute that he was gonna get KOd. hes to old in his career to change habbits like that and he should retire before he gets put into acoma.

  • sonny86

    yeah you are right!! i feel bad for him.. thats sad he is nice guy!!
    its the same thing like liddell.. i dont wanna see him getting knocked out over and over again!! and it is definitly not healthy for his brain!!

  • japanegro23

    He has always been one of my favorite fighters. It’s sad to see him lose. Just like with Chuck though I believe he should do what he feels. If he continues to fight, I will continue to cheer him on.


    Middle finger to all you guys saying Arlovski should retire. He’s still though as hell and is only getting knocked out by guys that are knocking everyone out. its true that he should change his gameplan a bit since he doesn’t have the best chin. but he still could be a top ten in heavyweights no problem. these fighters devote their lives to this sport. who are you to tell them its time to quit?

  • mma420

    poor AA doesnt he know hes gonna get dementia or alzheimers

  • rochefaton

    Arlovski should retire if he gets KTFO in his next fight. It is starting to get ridiculous. I bet he Ko’s himself if he brushes his teeth too hard.

  • Arthur_Knoqout

    I’m not sure which commission will be willing to clear him to fight with SOOO MANY concussions (by product of getting knocked out) :(

  • dropkickmurphy

    His Vampire mouthguard has seen more canvas than Picasso’s paintbrush.

  • overhand right

    Yeah the sad thing about Andrei is that he’s a skilled striker with an underrated ground game and some of the best sambo out there. It’s just such a shame that his chin is holding him back from potentially being a top heavyweight again.

  • Krogan

    My theory is that no matter how good a chin you have it has a set number of heavy strikes it can take before it goes away, and once its gone its gone for good. Big Nog is a grate example of this, his chin was legendary in Pride and could not be stopped and Cain hits no where near as hard as prime CroCop or Fedor (not yet anyway and definitively not when they fought).

  • irishlegsmasher

    i feel really bad for arlocvski cus i know hes a really good talented fighter that trains hard so it must be so frustrating that his chin letrs him down.. much respect to him nd i hope he fights on he deserves some respect nd sum wins

  • rochefaton

    I can’t remember which show it was, but they Cain on there to see how powerful his takedown and punching power was, and according to their equipment, Cin punched just as hard as anyone they had tested. Does anyone else see that, or remember what show that was?


    Actually Rogers and Kharitonov are knocking everyone out so you obviously don’t know what your talking about. T.K.O. stands for Technical KNOCKOUT. 9 out of Kharitonov’s 18 wins are due to K.O. or T.K.O. thats 50%. 10 of Rodgers 11 wins are K.O. or T.K.O. that’s over 90%. And EVERYONE used to lose to Fedor. you should learn your facts before you open your mouth. everyone needs to stop giving Arlovski shit. Hes still a monster. he just doesn’t have a granite chin.


    Cains punch read at over 2200 pounds of force. his punch was a left hook to the body a.k.a. liver shot as opposed to everyone who used an overhand right to judge punching power. Cain’s punch had over 2x the power as a previous episodes professional heavyweight boxers straight right. in short, leggo Cain’s Eggo’s.

  • Ramiro

    Yes, but they tested that on James Toney before the fight against Coutoure.
    Now James “Lights Out” Toney was a champion @ MW and Super MW before he decides that e liked food more than training….
    He was known for his ko-power in that division, not as a HW!!!!
    And the test was made with boxing gloves also….

    Believe me, if they would have tested Tyson, Lennox Lexis, Foreman or one of the Klitchkos, then the test would have been COMPLETELY different.
    Toney is NOT a ko-artist @ hw. He’s one of the best defensive boxers and counterstrikers that this generation has seen (not the best, the best defensive boxer ever was Pernell “Sweetpea” Whitaker, my opinion) but NOT a powerstriker in the hw division. So the test was completely misleading…

  • FoetusFarm

    i think arlovski needs one more fight, its hard watching him get hurt continuously. everyone one of his fights now you can see the ko coming he doesnt blcok well if he just learnt to cover up all the time it shouldnt be a problem. he needs 1 more fight with a lower level fighter if he loses then i think he is done

  • Tchelnik

    he have similar problem like cro cop had


    you’re just an idiot if you are seriously trying to argue with me that Rogers and Kharitonov aren’t putting guys on queer street left and right. plus i’m stating facts. you’re getting emotional and trying to tell me where i get my knowledge from. you don’t know me, so you just make assumptions and talk out of your ass. i’m right, Kharitonov and Rodgers are giving guys concussion whenever they compete and you’re just trying to defend yourself. i was wrong by saying Fedor was knocking guys out. he doesn’t do that that often in MMA, but if you watch his Sambo competitions he knocks guys out frequently enough and they wear head gear.


    The episode i saw actually wasn’t with James Toney. Some no name i cant remember. Haven’t seen the Toney episode. and another episode had TKD blackbelts doing “spinning” back-kicks and they weren’t getting close to what Cain was punching. i have no doubt that there’s Pro boxers that hit harder than Cain. but a 2200 lbs liver shot? that’s practically a death sentence.

  • Ramiro

    Yeah, he hits hard, and much harder than i(and maybe most of us thought).
    Now i would like to see a hw-ko puncher like TYson,Foreman, Lewis or one of the Klitchkos brothers do that test, WITH MMA gloves to see the comparison between for example Cain, Overeem, Fedor vs Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Klitchko or maybe George Foreman.
    That would an interesting comparison to see and to make allt do the test with boxing gloves AND MMA gloves.
    What would be difference in punching power, to see how much an boxing glove reduces the impact vs an MMA glove…


    if you weren’t getting emotional you wouldn’t be focusing your argument on me, you’d be focusing on what i’m stating. you stare that i structure my argument around random facts while i gave he fighters ENTIRE record while you just talk about whats recently happened as if a fighter could lose the ability to knock people out. ill admit i started the personal attack but you trying to act like your above this is just pathetic. you know your shit, but you should really stop making assumptions about people you don’t know. you have been trying to dispute that Kharitonov and Rodgers aren’t knocking guys out. i guess this has boiled down to a dispute of semantics of what a KO is. simple truth is everyone (except arguably Fedor) who has knocked out Arlovski has the ability to knockout over 90% of the Heavyweight devision. i don’t think Arlovski needs to retire, he just needs to keep on evolving in all aspects of the sport to stay relevant. im done with this argument now.


    they actually already did that one with Bas Rutten. i cant remember the #’s but they did a bare knuckle punch, a mma glove punch and a boxing glove punch. the difference between bare knuckle and mma gloves was only 10 lbs of force while the boxing glove punch was hundreds of pounds weaker.