Alistair Overeem says mental toughness was the key against Brett Rogers

  • xxcoldfirexx

    I know how to get my body in great shape…I know how to steroid relax…

  • Jpulfrey84084

    eat shit rogers

  • Krogan

    I have to say I think Overeem scared Rogers when the fight started, and just take a closer look at Overeem’s face during the fight I think he could have scared his own shadow.

  • BigNog22

    if he faces a world class HW wrestler,not sure it will be that easy.

  • Rane

    What a cool Guy! He defenitely looked good in the fght! Let’s see how he fares with Fedor.

  • 8thwonder

    i thought he said that 2 for a sec lol

  • Hurricane2k

    … lol you douchbag he got tested and no sign of the steroids !

    So stfu and stop with that ****ing lame story ..

    Maybe he did use maybe not .. still thy have never tested him positive !

  • Ninja

    I’m starting to like Overeem, can’t wait to see him fight again

  • Ultraxl

    You Realize that Brock Lesnar was on Full Roids when he was on the WWE and thats why he got smaller when he joined UFC bc he stoped using them.

  • BlueClearSky

    I don’t care about what the rumor has said ! Overeen impressed me with his performance and I love to see him fight Fedor

  • terra2805

    I don’t get why people keep dogging this guy over bulls**t completely unfounded rumours. When he was a LHW if he did too much weight lifting he would gain too much muscle mass and was finding it harder and harder to make weight, that’s when he decided to make the switch up to HW, now he can weight lift and gain as much muscle as he likes and last nights performance proves that his size is genuine strength and not “steroid” induced, the way he rag dolled Rogers across the cage. He looked awesome……..again…….

  • Dabs

    I like Overeem…he is a classy champion and is humble regardless of the preconceptions most of you have. He beat the guy that almost beat Fedor with ease…I cannot wait for that one, but I am sure M1 can, not Fedor…

  • mokoko

    Did you listen wath Overeem said in the end Fedor is the best and i wana fight the best this is wath im talking about

  • Alvin

    Fear defeated Rogers, he was visibly scared of Overeem. I didn’t think much of Rogers before the fight, and less afterwards. Overeem was coming off like an arrogant jerk before the fight – now he is looking all relaxed and happy.

    Fedor will probably not ever fight Overeem, everyone knows M1 prefer chump matches to prop up the Lost Emperor, like if he loses a single fight they will crumble.