Alistair Overeem: Fedor is the one to beat, and I am the chosen one who can do it

Strikeforce Champion Alistair Overeem will step into the cage this Saturday against Brett “The Grim” Rogers at Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery, to defend his title for the first time in three years. But despite facing the dangerous knockout machine in Brett Rogers, K-1 Gran Prix 3rd Place says his only goal this year is to fight Fedor Emelianenko. The Dutchman spoke to MMAWeekly about his true goals behind fighting Brett Rogers: “I would have wanted to fight against Fedor, but I guess his management has other ‘priorities’ for him. So I will prove to the world after I win against Rogers that Fedor must accept the fight with me. Fedor proved himself as the best, but he has not been really fighting a lot in the last years because of bad management. I have fighting rhythm and got stronger and competed also in the best stand-up league in the world and got a third place at the WGP K-1 finals in 2009, something Fedor never did. He is big and has a strong punch, but I have fought way better and stronger opponents than him. I do not see any problems for me in this fight. Fedor is the one to beat and I am the chosen one who can do this.””The Demolition Man” Alistair Overeem is currently training at the world-famous Golden Glory Gym, having a long Muay Thai preparation camp in Pattaya, Thailand. Overeem is currently 32-11 in his Mixed Martial Arts career, with notable victories over Mark Hunt, Vitor Belfort and Sergei Kharitonov. In his last K-1 bout, Alistair Overeem knocked out (knee) the veteran Dzevad Poturak after just 2:40 of the first round.

  • Tchelnik

    fedor will rock your chin roidstar

  • Robbo

    get off the roids and make it a clean fight

  • fkarab

    go go megareem!!

  • pound4pound

    I want to see that fight.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Since Fedor won’t sign with the UFC ( Who knows why) the least he can do is to fight the LHW champ in Strikeforce. Alistair Overeem has absolutely nothing to do with the UFC so why is Fedor’s management people still ovoiding him?

  • pound4pound

    Actually he is the HW champion.

  • UrHype

    He better concentrate on Rogers eight now, if he ever wants to get that chance.

  • Jizzle11

    Well he’d definitely stand a better chance than Rodgers

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I meant HW…my bad…lol

  • Joey Santosus

    Another guy Fedor doesnt want to fight, so he says its because the guy uses steroids and tools just eat it up and jump on board. There is no facts to prove the validity of that statement. What kinda of competitor doesnt want to fight the champion of his division in his organization? Oh thats right the “P4P Best” thats who!!!!


    Both Alistair & Brett seem to have Fedor on there mind at the wrong time.


    If someone has doubts about whether Overeem using steroids, just take a good look in this photo!

  • Joey Santosus

    Yea I know just because he doesnt look like a pot-bellied pig as does the P4P non-champion of the world.

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    The reason they gave to the media is because they felt overeem was juiced.

  • Ninja

    ya, i don’t think anyone in strikeforce can beat fedor, but i also think nobody in the ufc can beat him either but ufc fighters will give fedor a harder time

  • Rigo

    holly shit
    roids much?

    i cant believe thats the same alistar who fought chuck and Shogun in Pride

  • falcon4917

    People have said it before, ”Why does he care so much that Overeem is juiced and yet seems unmoved at the actual positive testing on Barnet”.

  • kungpao

    Almost every sportsman now a days uses some sort of enhancing products, the only difference is some are legal and others not, and this trend will never stop, it will be become eventually like a normal diet , just the matter of time.
    All depends on the capacity of the individual, and to duck the medical tests.

    Eitherway though, still it takes lots of dedication to achive something even on steroids, an average person cannot become an high level athelete just being on steroids.

  • FirstnLastEmperor

    u know what, shove it up your ass buddy, the guy is UNPROVEN to be on or have been on roids, yes i know japan doesnt test, BUT that doesnt mean thats the 1 and only reason he went to fight there.. do u know how big mma is there? do uknow how big allistair is there? thats where he got his start, im sure he just wanted to go back ‘home’ in the sense of his fighting career for abit.. wait till he fails a ****ing drug test then call him roidreem and whatever u want.. ive seen people change more than that in 1yr, let alone 3-4 yrs of PROFESSIONAL COMBAT where youre in the gym 6\7 days a week … man people are so dumb, build a wagon and people will jump on it

  • Valkyr

    Damn, he could easily be a top level bodybuilder if he wanted, shit he could be a fitness model as well


    It’s too bad that done of those 6/7 days a week include heavy lifting programs. they lift 3 maybe 4 days a week most of the training if actual boxing, wrestling, ect… When he passes the damn drug test then we will quit calling him roidreem!



  • blackdiesel

    I played football all through HS and college and never lifted weights for size and power, I did explosive lifts for getting off the ball and other FB movements. At the time I weighed 225 hard lbs. I got into powerlifting seriously and got up to 260lbs in about 8 months. During this same time my bench press went from 315lbs to 495lbs. If you have the genetics and eat right and do power/bodybuilding lifting, the size difference in Overeem is not too unusual.

  • Rory Kernaghan

    Right so let me get this straight Alistair, you can’t beat Badir Hari, Chuck Lidell, Lil Nog, Mauricio Rua or Ricardo Arona BUT you can beat Fedor? I’m a little scepticle

  • joelsephw420

    this guy doesnt stand a chance against fedor, he must be losin his mind

  • mokoko

    In Overeems stand-up league the champ is Sammy Shild and Fedor destroyed him i don’t now wath this idiot is talking about

  • mokoko

    Yes you are right the guy is UNPROVEN in MMA .We all hoppe he gets true ROID test tahat Rogers can KO him

  • Rigo

    even if hes like twice the size he was in those fights
    i dont think he can even challenge Fedor

  • BlueClearSky

    Overeem from Pride back into the old day . He was skinny and very tall to build a body like that without steroid almost impossible .imo
    Fedor afraid to fight him ,I really don’t think so,Fedor speed and strength well reversed,very aggressive and power punch incredible to fight someone much bigger than him and someone like Lenar,Carwin ,Overeem …take them at least 1 or 2 more year experience to defeat Fedor.

  • MMAeveryDay

    Look at how big he got! WTF!

  • mokoko

    Rogers 6.4 Overeem 6.5 not much sise diference

  • IChokePeople

    1;How does he figure that him being #3 K-1 and the better striker on paper makes him any different than the other 30 or so guys that Fedor has beaten? Noguiera was a better grappler on paper. It didn’t do him any good.
    2; How are these guys going to fight each other when all they can think about is Fedor? I predict a double KO.

  • David Saucier

    Fedor isn’t invinsible, did you see what Rodgers did to him, a more experienced fighter might of been able to finish Fedor when Rodgers dropped him. Overeem has the striking to drop Fedor anything can happen. Look what happened to Machida in his prime, he got KO’d in 3 minutes. Fedor will be beat eventually, and if he stops ducking fights.

  • Valkyr

    Does anyone know about Brett’s cardio? He doesn’t look like he could go a full 25minutes

  • mokoko

    Overeem dosen’t look like he could fight for 5 rounds all this muscels he gona be tired in 5 min

  • mokoko

    Overeem and Rogers may not necessarily be required to submit drug tests i don’t beliwe this shitt

  • D

    Badr Hari is a world class kick boxer. Overeem probably would beat Fedor in a pure kickboxing match. He has competed at the highest level (K-1). But this is MMA and he has to worry about Fedor’s sambo throws and submissions.

    That being said, wtf do you expect him to say. Perhaps “I plan to fight hard but get my ass kicked”?? He’s a fighter he has to believe that he’s going to win.

    As to the roids accusations, until he tests positive, why don’t you all stfu.

  • D

    He can beat Badr Hari anyway. He’s 1-1 against him. Do your research.

  • D

    How could anybody know? The Fedor fight is the longest he’s ever fought. You’ll have to ask his training partners.

  • KetzerBlut

    Unless they are on steroids pro weight lifters lift every other days, you have to recoup the testosterone from your body healing the damage that lifting does to your muscles.

  • ston3pony

    Oh brother… And he has just refused to fight anywhere but Japan why? Hasn’t defended his belt in how many years? Why?

  • ston3pony

    Neither was Lashley.

  • Jack N. Meoff

    Fedor said he wants to fight Overeem. Finklestein commented that Overeem is a “steroid bully”, that is irrelevant tho. If Overeem wins against Rogers and Fedor wins against Werdum, Fedor v Reem should be next. Fedor, himself has never made a claim about being the p4p best or even the best HW in the world. That is just popular opinion amongst many fans and athletes. He actually is quite humble, even in light of the amazing accomplishments of his career.

  • jackthedrinker89

    Well if any of you have ever watched a K-1 kickboxing fight its actually quite boring. Its like boxing but if you fall 3 times you get TKOd thats so ****ing dumb! and Overeem is inoscent until proven guilty but go Rogers, and Fedor = OVERRATED if he fought in the UFC he would beable to prove himself but he isnt so until then his comp is weak… oh yea Mir and Cain did what he didnt and he had 3 chances to do it!

  • Robbo

    Name one other (clean) fighter in the history of MMA with a body like that?

    With the type of training MMA atheletes do that just dont develop a physic like that. His body shows all the signs of a classic roids abusier. Anyone with even a basic understanding of steriods knows it


    If that is what you came up with by reading at my comment, you are either a steroid junkie yourself, a steroid company owner, or you just have a belly like Fedor, but you can’t figure out why you are not famous.

    If none of the previous are true, please enlight me because I really can’t find another explanation for your empathy.

  • BigNog22


  • Joey Santosus

    Yea, u just made a TON of sense. Congratulations.

  • IChokePeople

    Just because a guy has big muscles does not necessarily mean his cardio is junk. The heart is a muscle too. If he has spent the necessary time doing anaerobic conditioning, jogging and sparring he will be fine. You can’t build your cardio up at the same time as you build up your physique but once you get to the size you want you can level off on your weight lifting, maintain a high protein diet and start to boost your cardio work out without losing much muscle.

  • FirstnLastEmperor

    lol.. ur telling me, by LOOKING AT HIM, u know he’s on steroids? so why test for it? we should just hire you, and save a hell of a lot of $ in testing?