Top 10 Best MMA Fights!

I know many will disagree or think i Left a few great fights out , but its just my opinion and i like to know what the majority of the fans think about which are the best MMA fights ?

other fights worth mention :

Hughes vs Trigg II , Shogun vs Lil Nog , Bob Sapp vs Big Nog , GSP vs Hughes II , Chuck vs Wanderlei.

  • Rigo

    my list
    no.1 Wanderlei Silva vs Rampage Jackson
    no.2 Don Frye vs Takayama
    no.3 Diego sanchez vs Guida
    no.4 Couture vs Minotauro
    no.5 Cerrone vs Henderson
    no.6 Leonard Garcia vs Chang Sung
    no.7 Shogun vs Rampage
    no.8 Diaz vs Gomi
    no.9 Fedor vs Cro cop
    no.10 Forrest vs Bonnar

    Just my Opinion

  • Daniel Cassidy

    i honestly think cuture vs big nog was the best heavyweight fight ever. just an opinion though

  • Rigo

    well if you say which is the best heavyweight fight
    i’ll have to agree with you!
    Couture vs Noguiera is the best fight at heavyweight i ever watch.

  • Ninja

    My Top 5 fights
    1. Shogun vs Lil Nog
    2. Nog vs Sapp
    3. Fedor vs Cro Cop
    4. Diaz vs Gomi
    5. Liddell vs Rampage I

  • Rory Kernaghan

    even better than fedor v cro cop? idk idk

  • Ninja

    ya fedor vs crop and nog vs sapp give couture vs nog a run for their money

  • Rigo

    well that fight was also a great match , actually i just watch it again yesterday i order the dvd in netflix and i have it right now
    but Couture vs Nog was non stop action i mean it was stand up war then submissions and scapes , knock dows its hard to beat that one
    at Heavy its the no.2 best fight in my eyes

    but everyone likes diferent things about a fight some like more stand up some ground game thats the beauty of MMA!

  • Ninja

    man i hate it when bad decisions ruin great fights, like machida/shogun would hve been in my top 5 if it wasn’t for the decision and the garcia/Sung fight was sick but again another bad decision, also, Penn/Edgar i believe it was a bad decision too

  • mokoko

    1.Fedor vs Big Nog first fight
    2.Manhoef vs Cyborg
    3.Ranpage vs Arona
    4.Wanderlei vs Rampage
    5.Shogun vs L Nog

  • Jpulfrey84084

    Quarry vs Starnes??

  • mokoko

    same people who clik weak to you did the same to me haha

  • SDFC

    why weak this?

  • movich

    hughes v trigg I

  • Akordas

    Frank mir vs Brock Lesnar 1 was awsome fight for me

  • HugeCleavage

    1.Forrest vs Bonnar maby not the most technical fight but it was very awsome action all the time.
    2. Fedor vs cro cop
    3.Nog vs cro cop
    4. Chuck vs wanderlei

  • NikMegamanHulstein

    Fedor vs Cro Cop
    Cause thats a fight that made history