The Reem Episode 9: Business as Usual

  • Jamie Kennedy

    Good to see his still staying sharp with his MMA skills, cant wait to see him in his next K1 fight, I think he’s just gonna walk through Sprong.

    read an article earlier about Strikeforce, and Scott Coker said in 2011 all their top Heavyweights are gonna fight, and I really hope Overeem vs Fedor happens, thhat is my dream Heavyweight matchup in all of MMA. I know Overeem dedicates his time to K1 and fighting worldwide but Bas brings up good points about how it seems fighters are ducking him, even when Werdum beat Fedor, he wanted to fight Fedor again and not Reem? also Fedor doesn’t seem to eager to fight him either or at all…… I just hope this fight (Fedor vs Alistair) Happens!!!

  • Ninja

    Overeem is a beast, I hope his next MMA fight is against either Werdum or Fedor because rite now his biggest win recently has been over Rogers so it is hard to argue that hes number 1 HW but if he defeats Werdum or Fedor it will be easier to accept his as number 1

  • TLatch

    I like Overeem. Can”t wait 2 see him fight in the UFC, then we will see what kind of fighter he is and where he stacks up.

  • mokoko

    You can train with him but you are not alowed to hit his face he get eassely KO’d

  • griffin

    MArloes! hope she stays champ for a long long time

  • mma420

    Overeem was obviously on steroids just look at the weight he has been loosing now that he fights in the U.S. but if he doesnt get caught i dont care because he is a great fighter regardless as long as he keeps winning

  • fightfan7

    dutch pride

  • mokoko

    he is truying to avoid not only Fedor drug test to

  • ksooner76

    if Werdum doesnt want to fight Overeem he should have to give Fedor his rematch he should get that immediately anyway …if Fedor wanted it…this was a guy who has beat king of kings indured his first lose in11yrs or since 2000 since 2000 damn and to lose like he did by a mistake and a choke…come on I think he should get his rematch and then fight Overeem cause I think Fedor will beat Werdum and think Overeem will beat the best Fedor and they both deserve it great fighters and champions