Paul Daley looks back at his Shark Fights 13 victory over Jorge Masvidal

  • Joey Santosus

    It was nice to see the judges award the fight to Daley instead of over-valuing the takedown. The judge that had it 30-27 was a little much tho. While you shouldn’t over-value the takedown, they are still worth something…

  • UrHype

    Well it certainly isn’t title material, either of them. I see daley is nice when he wins haha

  • UrHype

    I’ll punch and punch, hopefully I get lucky and wont have to attack anyone after the fight.

  • TheRealDeal

    Gee, Daley by decision. Kind of a “boring” fight Mr. Daley, wouldn’t you say? All this talk about wrestlers being so boring, so where is the sensational knockout Mr. Semtex?

  • FirstnLastEmperor

    every punch except one’s after the bell

  • Jamie Kennedy

    you’d think Daley would learn from the Kockcheck fight
    he was taken down at will by a former boxer
    Daley son go learn some TD defence
    ……….or even just some wrestlin
    ur becoming too predictable

  • azzkika

    Daley tries to finish too much. Liddell was the king of stand up and keep it standing when he was in his prime. Any one of Daleys style needs to watch and learn from the master how to do it.

  • capjo

    This snotty lil sh*t lost this fight! …..and he needs a double beating after what he had to say about the fans post fight!

    Reality check to the snotty, mediocre Brit. The fans were applauding you at the beginning of the fight. They BOOED you after the fight because you LOST!

  • Krogan

    I agree, I would have given second round to Masvidal but it doesn’t matter much the decision went to the winner of the fight for sure.

  • Krogan

    I guess the fact that you don’t have 20 weak votes shows just how unpopular Daley is these days, but seriously Masvidal spent the entire fight running away from Daley so you are saying Daley was suppose to run head first into the counters and takedowns Masvidal was trying to set up?

    Maybe you should educate yourself a bit more about MMA and fighting in general before you make comments that make you look like an idiot.

    You rush a wrestler you get taken the **** down, period.

  • Krogan

    Masvidal has very good wrestling and take him down at will? What fight were you watching, Masvidal couldn’t keep Daley down either.

  • Krogan

    I’d rather watch CroCop in his prime, you want to talk lighting fast sprawls and brilliant takedown defense, CroCop in Pride is the man to watch.

  • Krogan

    Well I disagree big time, people were booing because they didn’t get to see a knockout and because the fight was a bit slow but all that lands on Masvidal’s head. If you actually think that Masvidal won the first or third round you need your head checked. First round Masvidal gets one takedown which Daley gets up from quite easily and the rest of the round is basically Daily chasing Masvidal around the ring. Second round could go either way, a few more takedowns but no damage, and Daley still controlled most of it. Third round I believe was 1/1 in takedowns and Daley was close to finishing Masvidal at the end after again chasing Masvidal around the cage for most of it.

    I think it was disgraceful how Daley acted after the Kosh fight and I think it was right to kick him from the UFC but I am sorry people that has NOTHING to do with the scoring in the this fight. Anyone who thought Daley lost this fight has some seriously bad judgment.

  • pdogg

    u r a ****.