Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley Fight Highlights Video

  • Bronson007

    I truly appreciate boxing for what it is and I boxed for 3 years, and I also think that Pacman is a phenomenal athlete, but after watching MMA for the last 15 years, it is almost a little boring.

  • azzkika

    Boxing is kinda like playing a single instrument whereas MMA is more of a one man band playing various instruments. I watch both boxing and MMA and Pacman impresses me so much for how good he can box. He is probably the best I have ever seen and I have been watching a long time.

  • willc09

    i agree with you, i used to watch boxing with my Dad every weekend and find it the most exciting thing ever but then when i found MMA, its now a whole family thing even my mum watches it and its just the most unpredictable sport.

  • codemaster

    Boxing never seems to have a problem with decisions.

  • Bucky Power

    I just wish mma fighters got paid just as much as Boxers

  • Gabe

    Yeah, postfight Manny was upset a Mosley for not going toe to toe with him and making the fight boring for the fans. Mosley said he felt the power and was just trying to avoid it after he got knocked down. He said that was the hardest he’s even been hit.

  • Bruce Lee

    Most world level athletes are paid too much. I wish boxers and MMA fighter earnings would meet somewhere in the middle…but I know what you mean.

  • hinrik

    gotta love paquiao, he put on another display!

  • TheRealDeal

    It’s a lot boring, and not almost, but completely…..

  • TheRealDeal

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….back to MMA please.

  • kos77

    boxing sucks

  • kos77

    ill take tito by submission

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    when you are the product then you deserve every single penny you’ve earned.

  • asdf

    I thought it was a good fight. Mosley was back pedaling the whole time. Manny should have upped the tempo like Roach said but couldn’t get those gears going until later on in the fight.

  • mmauk

    Best you seen are you sure ? better than Roy Jones, Sugar Ray, Evander Holyfeild, etc etc . Wow Manny has got people in a spell he’s not even better than Floyd. Floyd out boxed Mosley, while Manny only looked good when he raised the tempo which for some reason he didn’t or couldn’t keep up what fight were you watching ? There were boos for a reason

  • Leon8220

    the reason why the fight was boring was because mosley was way too defensive.

  • mmauk

    Finally someone who saw the fight I did. Manny did up the tempo at times and when he he looked at his best, but he wasn’t bale to sustain that pace the other night for some reason. However when he fought at Mosley’s tempo he didn’t look so great. Mayweather was masterful against Mosley at that tempo. Seeing that fight just wanted me to see him fight Floyd even more.

  • scrappymcgee

    yup roids will do that

  • azzkika

    Pacman did show Mosley too much respect and wasn’t one of his greatest fights, but watch his last fight against Margharito or many of his previous fights and ask yourself what other boxer you have ever witnessed who can throw a 5 or 6 punch combo in and out on every punch and only be seen for what it is in slow mo because it was so fast?

    I have been an avid boxing fan for many years and can honestly say I have never witnessed such speed and accuracy and great footwork as what the Pacman is capable of. You cannot judge him on the mosley performance alone. Watch every fight he has had and then watch every fight the other greats have had and the form an opinion.

  • azzkika

    PS: Mayweather is ducking pacman and if they do ever meet you will soon see Mayweather is nowhere near his level.

  • tadyakka

    bored because mosley did’nt exchange punches to pacquiao.truly outclass.

  • garry_blackbelt

    pac man put his welter wieght title on the line against sugar shane. pac man vs diaz sounds ok too me for frist pro fight . i like too see that .

  • azzkika

    Boxing has had many terrible decisions and has long very fixed on many occasions. One such fight if you ever care to watch was george Foreman vs Axel Schulz. I remember it well as I had quite a bit riding on the German. he peppered Foreman for 12 rounds only to lose the decision and foreman did not land a single shot!.

  • Drago

    @mmauk – What fight did you saw? Is this a “I love Floyd and hate Pacquiao” rhetoric…? Mosley only chance to win was if he could land a power shot, ha has one punch knock out and the game plan was pulling Pacquiao in and land it flush. Since Pacquiao was defending the belt, and not the other way around, he played it safe and controlled the fight at all times, not once you felt the win was in jeopardy. Since you say you saw Mayweather fight, Mosley had him rocked at round 2 because Floyd wasn’t cautious enough, something you never saw him do to Pacquiao.

    I saw this bout live on sky (British network) and the commentators sucked, they expect the champion to put it all on the line when in fact its the contender that needs to risk if he wants to win the belt. Granted Pacquiao wasn’t much aggressive and we all know if he pushed the pace he would probably win by KO (as Fredie was telling him) but he didn’t want to take chances and defended the belt. It takes two to tango and Mosley just went in to get payed, never he seemed like he wanted to exchange blows or outboxing Pacquiao, he seemed content in going the 12 rounds to the point were he was backpedelling almost the entire fight!

    As for Mayweather, again hes the one dodging Pacquiao and has been since hes return! He knows hes all flash and show and as soon as he faces Pacquiao, that undefeated status will go away and he will find himself with his face on the canvas. Mayweather gang like attitude doesn’t impress me at all, if hes that good, just accept the fight against Pacquiao – assuming he gets free of his legal problems…


    This fight was boring. Manny should’ve disposed of Shane by the middle of the fight. Instead of stepping on the gas, he showed to much respect & coasted to a decision.

  • garry_blackbelt

    sugar shane couldnt open up ! could block but not open up any power shots or combos ! pac man was rite there in his face ! at one point i was seeing some thing in a long time i had never seen from paquiao . him getting frustrated because he could not open up on him ! but scored more shots !