Don King closes the gates for Shine Fights: Mayorga vs Thomas

Long-anticipated showdown between the Boxing legend Ricardo Mayorga and the UFC veteran Din Thomas has been officially cancelled, after the promotional guru Don King filed a successful injunction earlier this week, which was approved by the Broward County Circuit Court Judge Marc C. Gold.

DKP (Don King Productions) claimed that they have Mayorga under an exclusive contract, as that the fight again Thomas is a breach of agreement due to the distinction between boxing and MMA.

Shine Fights CEO Devin Price cancelled the show after long hours of confusion, claiming that the fight would go as planned. Middleweight contest between the PRIDE veteran Murilo “Ninja” Rua and David Heath was promoted for the main event, but only a few hours later, Shine Fights announcer Karyn Bryant revealed that the NC commission decided to cancel the entire event.


Stay tuned to for the official Shine Fights statement regarding the incident.

  • Zombiepower

    ****en BS, that old scrap was afraid that Mayorga will get destroyed by MMA fighter, pull your fighter back Don King, you ain’t gonna win that war.

  • ston3pony

    Desperately trying to keep the spotlight on Boxing. I was always a boxing fan, but the sport has been eclipsed by a better more intelligent and more exciting spectacle. These legends, the few remaining big-names in boxing, are getting old. When they’re gone, they won’t be replaced. The up-and-comers do not see an opportunity for fame and fortune in boxing. They’re learning to wrestle and grapple and kick.

    What do you think the ratio of new pro-boxers versus new-MMA fighters is? 1:100?

  • Jpulfrey84084

    drop dead king

  • Rory Kernaghan

    Don King is a Pr*ck man.

  • Rane

    Don Kind is having an affair with Al Davis.

  • UrHype

    Don “TheRapist” King will rape any sport finacially until there is nothing left.
    RETIRE KING! Its not like you know what real work is anyways.
    Whats wrong, King? Couldnt stage the whole fight?

  • NikMegamanHulstein

    And this is why Couture is going to put LightsOut on James Toney

  • NikMegamanHulstein

    This is terrible news :(
    **** boxing and damn you Don King!!

  • comonson

    he should be promoting for the wwe

  • Thang

    Don King ? More like Donkey King !!! What a D-Bag !

  • Joey Santosus

    Man hurry up and have a stroke or two already. Greedy old bastard.

  • joelsephw420

    yeah, what a bitch

  • ksooner76

    in one of the interviews he said King told Yahoo! Sports that Mayorga owes him several hundred thousand dollars and that he was concerned that if Mayorga were injured in the MMA fight, he would be unable to repay the debt. ….I was so ready to watch him get crushed by , once it hit the ground it would be over..and he was one of those guys who talked tons of chit.

  • ksooner76

    now the guy who did the promo for Shine “Price”…really cool dude
    even though the fight got canceled he still payed the fighters…by the way
    they didnt cancel he found another fight to fill the Thomas-Mayorga fight
    and North Carolina Athletic Commission shut him down not sure why..

  • ston3pony

    Yeah, just watch that Berbick MMA fight. A guy still very much in his prime, defeated Mohhamad Ali, and only lost because he was very unfortunate to have to face a young Mike Tyson (arguably more dominant than Ali). He was helpless against some “pro-wrestling” Japanese Hulk-Hogan type. Completely helpless, and ran out of the ring throwing a fit because leg-kicks are no-fair.

    Toney would put most HW MMA fighters to sleep, if they were willing to play along and box. Though I think it’s largely a myth that boxers are so much better with their hands, it doesn’t prove out if you look at boxers who have transitioned. They get out-boxed by people who have only ever trained MMA. Look at Dennis Siver losing to Ross Pearson recently. An impressive German kick-boxing champion, versus a TUF rookie. The rookie MMA fighter dominated him on the feet.

    I think you’re right about Couture. Wrestlers have sooo much better balance than boxers. Get Toney to lean back on his heels, and he’ll just fall over on his own, not used to being pushed. Couture could literally win this fight with nothing but foot-stomps. Toney can’t keep him away, and Randy can dirty box. I honestly think Couture could win, having thrown nothing but foot-stomps. Get him against the cage, he can’t do anything, doesn’t know how to defend anything. Randy could stomp his feet until Toney lies down from pain. If he refuses to get up, that’s the fight.

    Unfortunately, Randy will just take him down as if he were a 12 year old kid, and Toney would end up with something important broken.

  • jeremycraig
  • ston3pony

    Didn’t he also murder somebody?

  • BobboSmith

    This treasure troll mother****er is still in business?

  • kbljm

    donkey king is a washed up beotch. man i was wanting to see din beat the crap out of that disrespectful piece of shit mayorga. din would have re-arranged that ass wipe face.