Shinya Aoki considers retirement?

According to MMA Fighting, Top-ranked Lightweight and the current DREAM 155-pound Champion Shinya Aoki currently considers retirement from the sport. Aoki was viciously knocked out by Yuichiro “Jienotsu” Nagashima at Dynamite!! 2010 event on December 31st, which led him into a depression. Here’s the report:

Sources close to Shinya Aoki have indicated that the DREAM lightweight champion was contemplating retirement following his humiliating knockout loss to Yuichiro “Jienotsu” Nagashima at Dynamite!!

Aoki has clearly been troubled following the loss, going so far as to delete his @waoki Twitter account (although it appears that Aoki has started a new private account under the alias @jyotaronawo) after being harassed by Nagashima fans and has privately expressed an interest in quitting MMA to focus on his teaching duties at the Deep official gym.

The fight against Jienotsu wento to the record as “Exhibition Match”, and did not blemish Aoki’s 26-5 MMA record. The last man to knock out Aoki was Hayato Sakurai, who finished the “Baka Survivor” after just 30 seconds in the first round of DREAM Welterweight Grand Prix, which took place at Dream.8 event two years ago. Despite the reports, Aoki is still rumored to square off in a rematch against Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez sometime in 2011, this time in Japan under the DREAM banner.

  • drunkslug

    He better not retire…JMMA is already in a state of emergency. Losing a fighter like Aoki will be devastating.

  • purinho

    he was acting like an idiot runnin away and jumping on the ropes and ended up knocked out I belive it’s pretty humiliating.

  • comonson

    u guys think what Anderson silva did was bad (ufc112) watch that match it was horrible. akoi deserved to get ktfo

  • IChokePeople

    A lot of people are bad talking Aoki for his latest performance but seriously, wtf else was he supposed to do? Aoki has very little striking ability and was fighting a round in which he could only use striking against a very accomplished striker. All he could do was survive and he did. Now, you could argue that he shouldn’t have accepted such a ridiculous fight in the first place but that is getting into contractual and other issues that I personally have no idea about. All that aside I really hope Aoki doesn’t retire over this. He clearly does not take defeat well so I hope he uses this as an opportunity to become a stronger person.

  • Drago

    Aoki is fighting in a sport called MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) but only focus on his ground game and submissions. I dont think he should quit but I do think he should take some time and reaccessed his approach to the sport.

    IMO its a problem of most JMMA fighters, they dont fight high level competition and so they dont improve much. They stay in Japan were its all about the show, the masks and the glamor and dont focus on the sport itself. Aoki is clearly “big in Japan”, if he went to the UFC he would be destroyed by almost all top ranked Lightweights… I think he has the skills to improve a lot, to really become a top lightweight in the world, but to do so, he would have to go fight in SF, UFC or even Bellator to achieve is full potential and learn how to mix his game!

  • Joey Santosus

    Im a bit surprised to hear he was “harassed” by fans on his Twitter… I’ve always been under the impression that the Japanese fans were more peaceful than that.

  • sonny86

    sore loser!!! he akted like a complete idiot in his last fight, lost it and now he retires!!! -.-

  • moots

    How is MMA in a state of emergency?

  • comonson

    why take the fight in the first place? he only surived til the mma round which is his domain,and still got ktfo. he’s all hype if u ask me. he wouldn’t ast a day in strikeforce much less the ufc… imo i dont even care if he retired

  • David Saucier

    hmmm. a one dimentional ground fighter who acts like a jackass at time sound familiar? Yet Aoki get so much love I dont get it.

  • IChokePeople

    I agree with all the above that he should get a better striking game. That said, he is not an inferior fighter. He has beaten some really good opponents like JZ Cavalcante and Eddie Alverez. He might be one dimensional but in MMA that is working. If he developed his striking he might be unstoppable.
    @comonson, The MMA part of the fight had barely started and he got caught with a strike. I think he should not have taken the fight because the rules were piled against him and it was a bit of a circus act like James Toney fighting in the UFC.

  • Ninja

    I dont really like Aoki that much but I hope he doesnt retire…he does posses some of the best BJJ in MMA n has someone of the coolest sub finishes in MMA history

  • theashark

    japanese mma… “J”MMA

  • overhand right

    yeah he got exactly what he deserved and was wonderfully ironic that he got ko’d in the round where he was supposed to pwn the other guy.

    don’t like him too much. he’s got some slick sub skills but without a standup game he’ll never be able to beat any top level wrestlers (e.g. melendez, he looked awful in that fight just cus he couldn’t get it tto the ground) and there’ll always be a danger when he stands with strikers

  • TheRealDeal

    He’s a drama queen, plain and simple. He is probably looking for the public’s reaction. He is a “1D” fighter and always will be. Can’t take a punch, and bends the rules to his heart’s content whenever possible.

  • HunterB

    why the hell does Satoru Kitaoka always wear that stupid fcking medical mask

  • 1meanguillotine

    its not that hard to throw your hands and hope for the best, aoki just made him self look like an ass in that fight

  • p4pfedor

    He’s pulling a Marcus “Big Baby” Jones

  • doberman

    Exactly a222g. Karma is a bitch huh Aoki?

  • postmortem

    wheres our old pal bloodstain lane to tell us now how stupid we are not to think that aoiki is the greatest lw of all time

  • tool4rage

    I completely agree. Aoki could probably get a few spectacular submission wins in the US, but ultimately wouldn’t fare so well.

    I remember everyone saying how they wished Aoki would come to the UFC, and my 1st thought was, why? It’s no secret how to beat Aoki. All you need is takedown defense and descent striking; not even great striking, just descent. UFC LW fighters with good takedown defense and at least descent striking are a dime a dozen.

  • rflynn

    i will always watch aokis fights but never any of the intro stuff….. i always just find his ground game amazing and some of the submissions he pulls off are phenomenal….. maybe people are like me, he can act the jackass all he likes but once he wins in amazing fashion nobody cares

  • David Saucier

    I was making a comparison to Lesnar The UFC’s one dimentional ground fighter. He gets so much hate for being in the UFC and Aoki seems gets so much love cause the UFC haters need someone to praise.

  • duder113

    the red sirens and an annoying beeping sound, gave it away for me

  • Rafael_Roberto

    Man he’s only 27. If he leaves the only fighters DREAM has will be Overeem and Mousasi

  • banks422

    shinya is a sick fighter man.. even if he acts like a goof and cant knock anyone out his record is still 26-5 thats legendary bud and i will agree i was disappointed by the nagashima fight and i feel he deserved to get knocked out wit such a wide open and obvious shot but hes still sick and id like to see him bounceback rather than retire