Matt Hume, Bibiano Fernandes refute reports that Fedor Emelianenko made "Diva Bus-Demands"

It appears “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko isn’t the self-centered, bus-hoarding “diva” he was made out to be after all.

Last week, renowned MMA commentator, Michael Schiavello, indicated that Emelianenko had demanded his own 70-seat tour bus after competing at the DREAM: New Year! 2011 event, forcing fellow competitors, such as Bibiano Fernandes and team, to relocate to a different, “more crowded” one.

“Fedor is SUCH a DIVA!,” Schiavello tweeted. “Other fighters & us sat on bus for about 90 min after show because Fedor apparently needs a bus all to himself! Even Bibi Fernandes and his team were booted off the second bus because ‘that is Fedor’s bus,’ mind you these are like 70 seat tour buses! Seriously, it was just plain RUDE. … No hate, I love Fedor’s style of fighting, huge fan, just saying the diva bus demand was harsh on other fighters waiting to go. Trouble is that management reflects on their clients, hence this reflects on Fedor.”

Following the reports, however, Fernandes himself, alongside American Martial Arts trainer, Matt Hume, have come forward with a different side of the story, insisting that the reality of the situation was “lost in translation.”

“There were a lot of languages going on that night: Russian to Japanese, Portuguese, English. So, I think something got lost in translation there,” explains Hume in the video below. “But, what really happened was that Fedor was in doing interviews, and everyone was waiting on the two buses, and Fedor was to get on one of those buses and go back. So, both buses were waiting for him. Everybody else had finished their press, but, of course, Fedor is very popular in Japan, he had not finished his press yet, and they were still keeping him there. So, everybody was staying there waiting. So, Fedor asked if they could let the people go who wanted to get back to their hotel. Very graciously, Fedor said, ‘Hey, why don’t you let those guys go home.’ So, they did ask us to move onto one bus, which there was plenty of room on the one bus for everybody, and then one bus would stay and take Fedor back later. I’ve known Fedor for years and years, and he probably would have drove the bus back for us, he’s such a good, nice guy.”

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Photo: Francis Specker

  • godsofwararise

    Great, Schiavello finds another opportunity to make an asshole of himself. Before you ‘tweet’ absurd stories about people you should at least try to verify what actually happened.

  • Fluidity

    I can’t stand that Schiavello guy. He’s always trying to instigate sh#t, licking every fighter’s balls and then instigating. Plus I hate his voice and the way he talks and screams during fights. Oh and i just don’t like him for other reasons that i can’t really point out. This story is just another example of why i can’t stand him.

  • Jiggoplata

    Hold on wait a minute, let me put some BULLSHIT in it.
    (directed to schiavello)

  • HunterB


  • ChrisGomez

    What a bunch of IDIOTS….Schiavello is the MAN….I loveeee listening to his commentating. Trigg can go but who the **** is justin bieber. Joe Rogan podcast with michael S is classsssiccccc. I bet you guys are also trying to figure out who this “Fedor” guy even is. MMA mainstream sucks ass because a bunch of uneducated tough guys who know shit about mma are now “FANS”….I mean Brock was the greatest ever right??……Anyways gotta love michael S and JMMA all together. Lay and Pray american mma is going DOwnnnnnnn on the entertainment level in my eyes. K1 here I come…..Oh and Yes I need a life and a new whore!!

  • ChrisGomez

    Oh and I don’t like the tweets by Schiavello but lost in translation when trying to leave does sound about right….

  • DKMcGrath

    Crocop should quit fighting in the UFC maybe M1 can find some guys he can beat too..

  • HunterB

    You are sounding like more of an uneducated MMA fan than the people you are talking about.

  • M1_Global_Gangsta

    Well Said Babiano ! You’re my friend ! Fedor is the best and the nicest fighter and human being who ever lived.

    F.E.D.O.R forever !

  • ljense8

    How does that even relate to this article?

  • David Saucier

    He did quit fighting bro.

  • asdf

    From what i herd and read he’s going to try his luck back in K-1. So he quit mma, not fighting. Just pointing it out.

  • GianGiacommo G

    I knew it! that’s why I can’t stand Schiavello,he can’t even call the fights right,what a dumb truck he is!!!

  • Jiggoplata

    u know that’s his catch phrase right?

  • HunterB

    no we didnt know

  • HunterB

    k-1 isnt even operational right now, just pointing that out

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  • vengod


  • vengod


  • greeneyeleo

    Let’s back this up: “Last week, renowned MMA commentator, Michael Schiavello, indicated that…” Renowned by WHO? GOODNIGHT IRENE!!! OMG that guy just SCREAMS the obvious during matches and supplicates to whatever fighter co-host is next to him, LOL. “So, Frank, what should he be doing now? Uh, he should pass his opponent’s guard. Oh, great point, Frank.” LMAO. Then he has all those STUPID analogies that are so overly TRY HARD, like he spent a whole week trying to make them sound off the cuff… What a freaking idiot!

  • greeneyeleo

    GOODNIGHT IRENE! LOL. I wish Fedor through his ass of the bus! That would redeem all of his recent losses in my book!!!

  • greeneyeleo

    *threw* LOL… too funny to type haha

  • Cookie77

    A diva that wears a sweater like this??

    Can’t be much of a diva right??

  • The Mangler

    Dint belive the story for a second. Bibi (vancity reppin) tellin the REAL story